About this Journal

Tomsk State University Journal of Chemistry (TSUJC) is a scientific periodical that accepts for publication original research articles that have not been published elsewhere devoted to the basic areas of chemical science, the investigation of the composition and characteristics of substances, reactions' properties, and the transformation of solid phase materials. TSUJC became an independent journal in 2014.

Primary field: Chemistry


TSUJC is organized in four sections:

  • Synthesis of  novel materials;
  • Structure and characteristics of substances and materials;
  • Chemistry of solid-phase material surfaces;
  • Biochemical aspects of solid-phase combinations.
All articles submitted to the Editorial Board of TSUJC are subject to peer review.  Articles may be submitted and published in the Russian language (with an English-language abstract) or in the English language, by Russian and international authors.

Russian Title: Vestnik Tomskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta. Khimia

English title: Tomsk State University Journal of Chemistry

Publisher: Tomsk State University

Periodicity: TSUJC is published quarterly (4 times per year).


Indexing: Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI, РИНЦ)

Print ISSN: 2413-5542

Electronic ISSN: 2414-9683

Website address: journals.tsu.ru/chemistry

Executive Editor: Alena A. Vasileva
Editorial office address: Tomsk State University, Department of Chemistry; Laboratory of Catalytic Research, room 120.
49 Arkadia Ivanova str., 634050, Tomsk, Russia
Contacts: vestnik_chem@mail.ru; +7(3822)423-944