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Annotations .pdf Kryshka V.l., Ivanov E.U. Information's and production's "stocks-streams" from fund of economy point of view. In this paper we try to introduce logical relations between several basic categories: "stock" "stream", "knowledge", "information" and funds of economy. Also we try to show internal interconnection of these categories, its transformation to each other from fund of economy point of view. Main goal of this researching is notification that fund is one of the bases of economy not only etymologically, but etiologically also.Kaz S.M. Origin and development of Accounting. The article present problems origin and development of Accounting in the world and in Russia.Kaznacheeva N.L. Labor and capital crisis: manifestation and overcoming. The analysis of a modern condition of work and capital as a result of which social and economic degradation attributes of labour attitudes are revealed is lead. The basic forms of display of work and capital crisis are shown, also methodological determinants of formation of the new sociolabor attitudes model are proved by a harmonious combination of all labour market subjects interests.Kolomiets T.I. The investment sources of nation and region competitiveness. The present material is the continuation of the authors' research, aimed to define the conditions, sources of development and effective mechanisms of investment resources concentration by basic market subjects in Russian economy. The specific consists in the attempt to define the place and the role of a region in the whole complex of the projected transformations and draw the directions of regions' inclusion in the structure of socially significant institutions, common for intensively developing market economies.Petinenko I.A. The Historical Aspect of the price contents: preindustrial civilization. In the article the author regards the formation of the price contents in the preindustrial civilization. The author analyses the role of the trade in this process.Tsitlenok V.S. Some methodological problems of the World Economy theory. The author considers the necessity and the limits of the competence of the World Economy theory. He also specifies the content of the subject of this theory. The article presents the classification of the principles of the theory on the basic "nomotropy principle". The author puts forward a hypothesis of tendency of the World Economy to the self-development as the constructive denial its dependence on the biosphere strengths.THE LABOR MOTIVATIONBurykhin B.S. Social aspects of the functioning of management processes.B.S. Burykhin's article is devoted to the social aspect of management processes.The author focuses his attention on the social partnership. The mechanism of realization of the social partnership is not completely formed. Moreover, the social and economic relations of consent are of great importance. The author doesn't pretend to the simple interpretation of this term. The interpretations may be different. The key factor is the constitutive part of the relations in the social aspect of management processes. The author demonstrates the place of such relations in the socialization of a person and the socialization of the organization. The article emphasizes that in process of management development the importance of the relations of consent will be increasing.Gaga V.A. The structure of the Russian-Soviet practice of the working participation in the management. In the article the author considers the special working participation in the soviet management.Kaz M.S., Shmalko A.V. Assessment for goals control and motivation in management equipment repair system. The article present method assessment for goals control and motivation in management equipment repair system. There is a practical sample of the assessment in industrial facilities of Repair-mechanical shops polyethylene producing «Tomsk Petrochemical Enterprise».Nehoda E.V., Starikova T.A. Russia: postindustrial development potential. Method of joint activity organization and underlying values determine in many ways a level of social development progressiveness. This paper discusses a difference between two production methods: Asian (East) and Antique (West), which developed from such elementary mode of labor interaction as community relations. It identifies where Russia is located in dichotomy of East - West values, level of approximation to the postindustrial economic system.Starikova T.A. Formation of the human resources management strategy and activity based approach. This paper discusses a strategy formation process for human resources management based on the activity approach in the context of postindustrial society theory (by D. Bell). It studies not only a frequency of management strategy origination, but it's value component, interaction mode within the system dictated by an adequate level of social production development. The paper justifies the relevance of European HRM system elements use in Russia.THE EDUCATIONBelskaya G.S. Perfection of teaching of economic disciplines. Perfection of teaching of economic disciplines was a theme of the scientifically-methodical seminar which has taken place on October, 12-13th, 2007 in TSU. This seminar had regional character basically, but teachers and professors of the Siberian high schools (Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, etc.), have taken part in it.Zhuravskaya N.T., Zhuravsky Y.A. Franchising as the form of innovation education cervices conducting in russian market. The actuality and perspectives of education franchising in Russian educational system are analyzed. The content of it is shown.СВЕДЕНИЯ ОБ АВТОРАХ

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 Аннотации             | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2007. № 1.

Аннотации | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2007. № 1.

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