АННОТАЦИИ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2008. № 1 (2).


ANNOTATIONS .pdf THE METHODOLOGYMedvedev V.A. STRUCTURAL PRIORITIES FOR RUSSIAN ECONOMY DEVELOPMENT. Economic growth rate is purely quantitative indicator. However qualitative characteristics of economic growth are of fundamental importance for Russian economy, particularly, improvement of economic pattern. Intensive growth of articles of consumption production is significant component of structural change, for it has an impact on welfare improvement and social orientation of economy.Zhuravsky M.Y. THE WAY OF MODERNISATION OF ECONOMIC MOMENTUM FOR THEREGULATION OF INVESTMENT CONTRADICTIONS IN RUSSIAN ECONOMY. The influenceprinciples of momentum on the investment contradictions in Russian economy are figured out.Nekhoda E.V. INTERESTS OF GROUPS IN THE SYSTEMS OF SOCIAL PARTNERS. In this article we have said about of the systems of social partners in Russia and possible directions of development. Such directions would take interests about: State, labour and management.Zakharova T.V. THE ROLE OF CORPORATIONS IN INNOVATIVE OF WORLD'S ECONOMY. To the share corporations fall much more discovery's and inventions, register great number of patents. Figuratively say, the future of worlds economy be in there hand. How ever in the postindus-trial time has begun the process of disintegration TNC, there atomization. Don't it led to escape of corporations from work out a great number ethic problems as the NTR result?THE REGIONAL ECONOMYKozlovskaya O.V., Akerman E.N. COMPETITIVENESS AS A SYSTEM BUILDING FACTOR OF THE REGION. In the paper the existing approaches for the definition of competition and competitiveness are considered. It is stated, that in the present conditions complications in the business community are accompanied by appearance of new qualitative characteristics of the given economic categories. Consideration of the region as a coordinated action of the regional subjects "population-business-authority" allows to make a conclusion that competitiveness is a system building factor of the region which ensures its integrity and stability of development with respect to both external and internal economic communities.Kotova O.V. ESTIMATION OF QUALITY OF LIFE OF THE POPULATION OF REGION IN VIEW OF INFLUENCE OF HOUSING INDICATORS. Questions of an estimation of quality of life of the population of region are considered in this paper. Influence of housing indicators on quality of life of the population is proved. Techniques and indicators used at an estimation of quality of life of the population are considered. The technique of an estimation of quality of life of the population is developed in view of housing indicators. Approbation of a technique is executed by the example of regions of the Siberian Federal district.Nuzhina I.P., Yudahina O.B. CONCEPTUAL MODEL OF THE REGIONAL ECOLOGICAL-AND-ECONOMIC SYSTEM. The following article investigates different theoretical approaches to the question of definition of ecological-and-economic system; considers composition, structure and boundaries of the system; proves the necessity for specific determination of the subsystem of ecological-and-economic relations and interactions as a set of reciprocal connections, which reflect the relations between elements in the ecological and economical subsystems that appear during the process of functioning of the ecological-and-economic system.Ovsyannikova T.Yu. STRATEGIC PRIORITIES AND TARGET INDICATORS OF INVESTMENT ACTIVITY IN REGION. The article gives the brief analysis of the basic parameters of investment activity in Tomsk area. The necessity of strategic planning of building complex activity proves. Strategic priorities of investment activity in region are formulated, and the basic directions of their realization are defined. The system of target indicators of region investment development is resulted.Shalmina G.G. TERRITORIAL CLUSTERS OF RUSSIA (BACKGROUND, ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS). A history of elaboration methods of Russian economy territorial organization is illustrated briefly (TPC, PTC, region...). The variant that the author considers is to introduce cluster (grouping) elements into the retrospective analysis and the forecasting of the Russian economics development, that is into the elaboration of a strategics of the upper structural level of economics management.THE HISTORY OF THE ECONOMIC VIEWGoulbina N.I. HISTORY OF ECONOMIC DOCTRINES IN RUSSIA IN SECOND HALF OFХIX - BEGINNING XX CENTURIES. In the article on the basis of studying representative sources, textbooks and manuals on history of the economic idea, published by Russian economists of second half XIX century and the beginning of XX century, author studies features of formation and development of the Russian historical-economic science.THE EDUCATIONPavlov A.V. ON THE INTERPRETATIONS OF REAL EXCHANGE RATE IN TEXTBOOKS. The author pays attention to some inconsistencies in the statement of real exchange rate theory in the modern domestic textbooks. He specifies the definition of real exchange rate, gives a reason for making a selection from its formulas and raises a question on the units of its measurement. The relation of real exchange rate to the purchasing power parity and terms of trade are also revealed in the paper.

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 АННОТАЦИИ             | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2008. № 1 (2).

АННОТАЦИИ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2008. № 1 (2).

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