АННОТАЦИИ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2008. № 3 (4).


ANNOTATIONS .pdf THE METHODOLOGYKhloptsov D.M. APPRAISAL OF LAND RESOURCES AS THE EFFECTIVE TOOL OF LAND POLICY. In Russia the private property in land is actively developing, but policy of laissezfaire is not able to solve all of the problems of land market because of its limited potential. The state management of land market requires complex land policy and application of its economic tools. This article analyses the Russian land fund structure changes, which took place from 1990 till 2006. The author gives especial consideration to the appraisal of land resources as one of the most-used economic tool of European land policy.Key words: land, land policy, appraisal of land.Tsitlenok V.S. ABOUT THE SUBSTANCE AND THE TENOR OF THE CONCEPT «THECOMPETITION IN THE WORLD ECONOMY». The author suppose, that the substance of the subject-interstate economic Competition is the alternative-cogerenty. Receprocal action for the full realization the economic potentials of the all states, wich take part in this process. The competitive power is the condition of the state economy, wich let to reserve or to fortify to oneself as the self-satisfy structure of the World Economy. The author suggest to distiguish in the system of the indicators of the international Competitiveness 7 links: overalsystemic, structureformed, socialeconomic, institutional, oversystemic and so on.Key words: world economy, state economy, international economic Competitive, the links of the system indicator of the international economic Competitiveness.Chikov M.V. MODERN MECHANISMS OF INTERACTION OF GOVERNMENT BODIES AND CORPORATE SECTOR. The article present the system of relations in conditions institutional transformations to Russia, process of the active property expansion of the state, feature of the coordination of interests of the state and corporate interests, and also the new threats related to instability of developed structures of the property and rules of assignment.Key words: corporate sector, relations of the property rights, property expansion.THE LABOR MOTIVATIONNekhoda E.V. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF MAN AND CHANGING VIEW SUBJECT OF LABOUR IN SYSTEM OF SOCIO-LABOUR RELATIONS. In this article we analyses communication of labour relations system and changing view subject of labour. This communication allows appreciating the forms of collaboration and formulating effective mechanism of development the socio-labour relations.Key words: labour, socio-labour relations, subject of labour.THE REGIONAL ECONOMYBelyaev V.I. PLACE MARKETING AND GETTING OVER THE DEPRESSIVE STATE OF RUSSIAN REGIONS. Marketing methods named "place marketing" have been offered as the solution of territorial formation problems in this article. Generalized analysis of the first results of using markeing at solving the problems of native and foreign cities has been given. Also, author formulated the principles of "place marketing", offered formating methods of the territorial development banchmarking systems and place marketing conduction methodical basis.Key words: territory, depressive territory, marketing, place marketingTHE MUNICIPAL ECONOMYMaltsev D.B. MODEL OF THE DEVELOPMENT MARKET WORKING SERVICES HOUSING-PUBLIC FACILITIES ON EXAMPLE OF THE MUNICIPAL FORMATION. In article is considered model of the development market working services in housing-public facilities. The system of the measures is offered on each of directions allowing form the new contents of the relations between participant market.Key words: housing-public facilities, social facilities, working facilities, controlRoschina I.V., Grinkevich L.S., Kaschuk I.V., Roschina G.S. END-TO-END INTEGRATED APPROACH TO ESTIMATION OF THE PROGRAMS SOCIAL-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT TERRITORY. Estimation of the programs of the development is a condition of increasing quality and efficiency of management territory. In article is considered methods of the estimation of the programs of the local economic development founded on End-to-end integrated approach. The Estimation is conducted with standpoint external and internal consensus of the programs of the miscellaneous level. In article results of the estimation are brought on example Tomsk area.Key words: monitoring, end-to-end integrated approach, consensus, external consensus, internal consensus, program social-economic development

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 АННОТАЦИИ             | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2008. № 3 (4).

АННОТАЦИИ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2008. № 3 (4).

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