АННОТАЦИИ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2009. № 1 (5).


ANNOTATIONS .pdf THE METHODOLOGYVeretennikova N.V. LOCK-IN EFFECT OF RUSSIAN HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEM. The causes of building of ineffective institutions (institutional traps) in Russian higher education system are considered in article. The main trends of the withdrawal from institutional trap mechanism development are proposed in article.Contract relations in Russian higher education.Key words: transaction expenses, institutional conflict, academic liberty, academic standard, institutional trap.Malakhovskaya M.V., Skrylnikova N.A. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONTENT OF STATEPOLICY IN SCIENCE AND EDUCATIONAL SPHERES FOR INNOVATIVE TRANSFORMATION. On the basis of methodology of institutional economic analysis the paper highlights the question of adequacy of educational tools of forming human capital for the objectives of innovative economic development in Russia.Key words: educational tools, innovative behaviour, state policy in science and educational spheres.Malakhovskaya M.V., Skrylnikova N.A. THE FORMATION OF MOTIVATION FOR CREATING INNOVATIVE ECONOMY IN RUSSIA. On the basis of the hypothesis of innovative processheterogeneity the given article describes the concept of unity of motivation formation and realization processes among participants in economic and social activities. The approach suggested allows to build conceptually and verify strategies and innovative activity projects at any level. Key words: motivation, innovative activity, innovative process.THE REGIONAL ECONOMYRoschina G.S. CREATIVE ANALYTICAL STUDENT'S COMMUNITY AS THE MECHANISM OF DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND EDUCATIONAL POTENTIAL AND FORMATION OF THE INNOVATIVE INFRASTRUCTURE AND CULTURE IN REGION. Realization ofan innovative vector of development of regional economy is appreciably defined not only quality, but also presence of enough of the prepared experts capable to realization of innovative approaches to the decision of problems of development of territory. In article necessity of creative analytical student's community is offered and proved. Among the basic directions of activity of community it is necessary to allocate assistance to employment of graduates; to youth business and development of innovative potential of students.Key words: innovative activity, an innovative infrastructure, two-level system of preparation, a personnel reserve, enterprise abilities.THE MANADGMENTKaznacheeva N.L., Morgunov A.V. EFFICIENCY RAITING OF INTRODUCTION OF THEBALANCED SYSTEM OF PARAMETERS AS A TOOL OF STRATEGIC OPERATION OFBUSINESS. In the article the authors have made an attempt to calculate efficiency from introduction strategic management at the experimental enterprise which tool is the balanced system of parameters, and also to estimate and draw the certain conclusion. For the last years corporate management has become one of the most discussed themes in the Russian scientific and business circles. Managing should correspond to concept "management of changes". The sample of such corporate management is the balanced system of parameters developed by R.Kaplan and D.Norton in America in the 90th years of the twenty century.Key words: Efficiency, strategic management, balanced system of parameters.Olovyanishnikov A.G. THE BASIC PROBLEMS OF RE-STRUCTURING THE FOOD-PROCESSING ENTERPRISES OF THE TOMSK REGION AND WAY OF THEIR OVERCOMING. Development of the enterprises of the food-processing industry in 90th did not differ from the general negative tendencies in the Russian economy. Today, during regenerative growth in many processing branches, including in the food-processing industry, has ripened necessity of re-structuring of its enterprises on purpose from food safety and population maintenance with necessary quantity of a qualitative foodstuff.Key words: profitability, re-structuring, financial result.THE HISTORY OF THE ECONOMIC VIEWGoulbina N.I. MODEL OF ECONOMIC MAN IN TREATMENT OF RUSSIAN ECONOMISTS OF SECOND HALF XIX - BEGINNING OF XX CENTURY. In the article history of economic thought is studied. The attitude of the Russian researchers to the basic hypotheses underlying classical school - to models of the "economic man" and «an invisible hand is considered. The author finds out the reasons of criticism of these models by Russian scientists of the end of XIX century - the beginnings of XX century.Key words: model of economic man, hypothesis of classic school, economic idea of Russia.

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 АННОТАЦИИ             | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2009. № 1 (5).

АННОТАЦИИ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Экономика. 2009. № 1 (5).

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