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22014Translation model, translation analysis, translation strategy: an integrated methodologyVolkova Tatiana A.112
1(7)2016When languages collaborate: novel and screen version multilingual structure ("The da vinci code" by Dan Brown)Nikonova Natalia E., Alunina Julia M.93
1(7)2016Metatext based on charles dickens's novel "Great expectations"Pilyukova Antonina V., Gredina Irina V.85
1(7)2016Critical analysis of gender studies in foreign linguisticsPravikova Ludmila V., Murashova Ludmila P.75
32014Classification of interlinguistic phraseological relations in the chinese and russian languagesPavlova Olesya V.61
1(7)2016Features of translating economic texts from chinese into russianSysoyev Pavel V., Malankhanova Antonina E.58
2(8)2016Semantics transformation in anglo-american loanwords in the modern russian languageMitchell Petr J., Alyunina Yuliya M.56
22014Reversible metaphorical models 'mechanism is a man' and 'man is a mechanism': productivity of the model as an aspect of functional asymmetryAbramova Anastasiya A.53
42014The representation of the pagmatically meanings in the short novel of ivan Sergeyevich Shmelyov "the letter of the young cossack"Murashova Eugene A.49
12014Foreign language teacher's competence in using information and communication technologiesSysoyev Pavel, Evstigneev M.N.49
1(7)2016The methodological value of the concept "text" for the analysis of the communicative space of the cityPirogov Sergey V., Kashpur Valeria V.48
32014English military slang: definition, means of formation and thematic classificationMitchell Peter Dzhonovich48
32014Cross-cultural study of representations of happiness in russian and american proverbs: search for points of contact with hofstede's dimensionsShkurko Julia S.47
42014On clarification of the term "language game" in linguisticsLebedeva Elena B.47
2(8)2016Linguoculturological features of ancient mythonyms (based on english and german languages)Kuchesheva Irina L.46
12015Cognitive readiness for intercultural communication as an essential component of intercultural competenceObdalova Olga A., Soboleva Alexandra V.45
1(7)2016Discourse in virtual cross-cultural communication: a dialogue of cultures or a clash of mentalities? (a case study research in efl education in russia)Nazarenko Alla L.45
1(7)2016Semantic, stylistic and grammatical nuances of specialist translationGajda Radoslaw.44
32014Sociolinguistic conditions of functioning of the welsh variety of the english language (wenglish)Emelianova Nadezhda A.43
12014Mass Media Tests: Socio-Cultural Aspect (based on advertising texts)Moshcheva Svetlana43
22015Preservation of the original's style as a basic principle of the translation (as an example of the drama by A.P. Chekhov "Three Sisters")Adam Eugene A.42
22014Cognitive models of grammatical competence of studentsMilrud Radislav P., Maksimova Inna R.41
32014The discourse analysis in overcoming difficulties on teaching the literary translationBoyko Stepan A.41
22014Speech culture or communicative competence: content aspectPlotnikova Galina G.41
42014Emotional aspect of the foreign language teaching contentChernyshov Sergey V.40
42014Theoretical basics of the communicative- ethnographic approach to teaching a foreign language and cultureSysoyev Pavel V.39
42014Experience in developing a system of exercises aimed at teaching literary translation based on cognitive-discourse text analysisBoyko Stepan A.39
42014Means of showing the linguistic designations of stages of life in dialect communication (the speech genre of the autobiographical story)Voloshina Svetlana V.39
42014Metaphoric terms of hydrotechnical term system (in russian and english languages)Shirokolobova Anastasia G.38
42014Sensory interaction during perception of verbal signs (experimental study)Nekrasova Elena D.38
12014The language of worldwide communication and linguistic and cultural globalizationSmokotin Vladimir, Gural Svetlana38
12014Teaching russian to chinese students-philologists: grammatical aspectYang Fang37
12015Directions oflinguistic education informatizationSysoyev Pavel V.37
22015Lexical pragmatic markers of temporal positioningMurashova Ludmila P.37
12014Linguistic means with perceptual semantics and their role in formation of key poetic images (based on the works of the Russian, Czech and Spanish symbolists)Kryukova Larisa37
22014Ukrainian-russian parallels in translation of contemporary french proseDyachuk Ludmila S.36
22015Five to one. one in five": the number images in the language picture of the world of Jim MorrisonSharifullin Boris Ya.35
32014Methods of the development of learners' sociocultural and communication abilities via international educational language projectsMaksaev Arthur A.35
2(8)2016Classification of written translation skills for english legal discourseSergeeva Natalia N., Bazueva Anna N.35
22015Erotization as the basis of female metaphor in the english languagePravikova Ludmila V., Murashova Ludmila P.35
22014On the problem of monitoring auditive exercisesMorozov Dmitry L., Krupnova Natalia A.35
42014Erotization as the basis of female metaphor in the english languageMurashova Ludmila P., Pravikova Ludmila V.35
22014The phraseological image as a source of cultural connotations (A. Pristavkin "Golden cloud slept")Migranova Lily Sh.34
32014Interdisciplinarity within the frames of synergistic aspects when teaching foreign language in non-linguistic high schoolShitz Yulia N., Galanova Olga A.34
1(7)2016The formation of professional foreign language competence as an integral part of the cultural background of new generation russian entrepreneursKamaeva Tatyana P., Kazaeva Natalia N., Zolotova Marina V., Ganyushkina Elena V.34
12014Multidisciplinary aspect of translation as an outcome of integration processes in Modern LinguisticsPshenkina Tatiana33
12014Features of development of students' subject position in the process of educational activity designMalkova Irina, Kiseleva Polina33
12014Lexical representation of "ego effacing / ego boosting" as one of the value connotations of "masculinity / femininity" cultural dimension (based on the material of English and Russian)Zakharova Juliana33
12014Mobile technologies in teaching a foreign language to non-linguistic major studentsKapranchikova Kseniya33
12014Neologism-formation processes in the lexical subsystem of "State Administration" sphere in modern Russian languageZavarzina Galina33
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