Editorial Council

The Editorial Council of the Language and Culture  

Head of the Editorial Council 

Svetlana K. Gural, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Head of the English Philology Department, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tomsk State University  

Members of the Editorial Council 

Gert Raylaarsdam, Professor of the Graduate School of Pedagogy at the University of Amsterdam, Professor of Language Education at the University of Utrecht 

Istvan Kecskes, Professor of Linguistics and Communication at the University of New York at Albany (USA), Editor-in-Chief of Intercultural Pragmatics and Chinese as a Second Language Research, Co-Editor of the Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict. 

David Gillespie, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Bath (UK). 

Radislav P. Milrud, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Head of the English Teaching Theory and Practice Department, Tambov State University  

Tamara S. Serova, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Head of the Foreign Languages, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Department, National Research Perm Polytechnic University 

Pavel V. Sysoev, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages, Tambov State University 

Natalia V. Ufimtseva, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Chief Researcher at the Institute of Linguistics, Head of the Psycholinguistics Department, Moscow State Linguistics University 

Vladimir Schmaliya, Vice-Rector of the Church-wide Post-Graduate and Doctoral School, PhD in Theology, Archpriest