PAPER ABSTRACTS .pdf Zakrevskij A.D., Toropov N. R. MINIMIZATION OF BOOLEAN FUNCTIONS OF MANY VARIABLES - ITERATIVE METHOD AND PROGRAM REALIZATION. An iterative method for minimization of Boolean functions depending on the large number n (up to 25) of variables is proposed. The method is based on applying effective parallel operations on Boolean vectors of length 2n.Tokareva N. N. BENT FUNCTIONS: RESULTS AND APPLICATIONS. A SURVEY. A survey of main results on bent functions is given. Theoretical and practical applications of bent functions are considered.Sholomov L.A. LOGICAL METHODS FOR DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF CHOICE MODELS. The logical methods use representations of choice functions and choice models by means of formulas of some logic language. The design and research problems for choice models are reduced to formal transformations and analysis of the presentations. The logical methods make it possible to solve a wide range of constructive problems associated with a design, an analysis, simplifications, and estimations of complexity for formal choice models. They allow to use to choice models the Shannon-Yablonsky-Lupanov methodology developed for investigation of computing systems. The article systematizes obtained at different times and published in different editions the author's results on a study of choice models by logical methods. Results of other authors concerning the topics are brought, also.Dulkeyt V. I., Faizulm R. T. APPROXIMATE SOLUTION OF THE TRAVELINGSALESMAN PROBLEM. A heuristic algorithm for the approximate solution of traveling salesman problem is proposed in the article.Prokopyev S. E. MODELLING OF THE PKI PROTOCOLS IN THE UNIVERSALLY COMPOSABLE FRAMEWORK USING MODEL CHECKERS. Weanalyze the PKI protocols in the universally composable security framework with following purposes: 1) decomposition of the code of the cryptographic service "Digital Signature with PKI" to the high- and low-danger parts, 2) obtaining a deterministic and cryptographically sound abstraction of this service. We experimented with NuSMV model checker to automate partially our analysis.Burenin P. V. APPROACHES TO THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE DP-MODEL OF FILE SYSTEMS. Approaches to the creation of the DP-model of file systems are listed in the article. DP-model family of computer systems with discretionary management of access is the basis of this approach. Specific conditions of subject's functioning, rights transfer conditions and realization of information streams are considered in the article on the basis of DP-model. Also sufficient conditions for realization of forbidden information memory streams in file systems are proved.Kolegov D. N. USAGE FORMAL MODELS FOR VULNERABILITY ANALYSIS. In the paper the formal approach to vulnerability analysis based on mathematical security models of the computer systems is considered. The attacker model proposed in "Security assessment information technology criteria" is constructed and mathematical definition of the penetration stability is proposed in the terms of the DP-model.128Аннотации статей на английском языкеKolegov D. N. SECURITY ANALYSIS OF THE INFORMATION FLOWS BY MEMORY IN THE COMPUTER SYSTEMS WITH FUNCTIONAL AND PARAMETRIC ASSOCIATED ENTITIES. The definition of the parametric associated entities with computer systems subjects is proposed. The DP-model extension included this entities is built.

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