АННОТАЦИИ СТАТЕЙ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Философия. Социология. Политология. 2009. № 3 (7).


ABSTRACTS.pdf METAPHILOSOPHYP. 5. Nikiforov A.L. THE NATURE OF PHILOSOPHY. The classification of philosophical systemsis presented in the article. It is based on distinction in ways of presentation of philosophicalideas. There is two main ways of philosophical development in contemporary world: scientific philosophyand literary philosophy. The author gives preference to scientific philosophy and proves theconclusions by appropriate arguments.Keywords: philosophy, science, literature, rational argumentation.PHILOSOPHICAL ANTHROPOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATIONP. 18. Petrova G.I. SOCRATES AS PHILOSOPHER OF «DISTRUST TO CONSCIOUSNESS»: ANTROPOLOGICAL ATTACK ON TRANSCENDENTALISM OF CLASSICAL PHILOSOPHY.The author offers the hypothesis concerning philosophical opinions of Socrates and Pirron.She proves that philosophy of Socrates consists in belief and distrust in connection with consciousnessand its possibility to know truth. Socrates and Pirron do not oppose each other. Both Socratesand Pirron make foundation of modern philosophy which has name "distrust to consciousness".Keywords: universalism, transcendentalism, being a person, skepticism, linguistic paradigm.P. 25. Krasikov V.I. THE UNIVERSITY PHILOSOPHY IN RUSSIA IN XIX CENTURY: PECULIARITYAND A MODEL OF EVOLUTION. The article is devoted to an analysis of specifics ofRussian university philosophy in XIX century that was depended on its organization character and ahistory of its relationships with Russian State. The author works out a model of a development ofuniversity philosophy and provides an overview of its four stages:- a reception of Germany philosophy and enlightenment;- a pogroms period;- a recreation;- a constitution of social nets in the university philosophy.Keywords: Russian philosophy, history of Russian philosophy, universities in Russia, socialnetwork.SOCIAL PHILOSOPHYP. 34. Avanesova E.G. THE POSSIBILITY OF RELIGIOUS SUBTANTATION OF POLITICALVIOLENCE. The article is considers Christian argumentation of the inevitability of politicalviolence; the author proves that the inevitability of political violence does not mean its justification.Keywords: political violence, religionP. 39. Syrov V.N. ABOUT NATURE OF SOCIAL REALITY AND EPISTEMOLOGICALSTATUS OF HISTORICAL NARRATIVES. This article is intended as a contribution to discussionof problem of place and functions of narratives. It discuss of idea of phenomenologist David Carrabout continuity between narrative and «real world». The key view of this author is that the historicalnarratives will reveal themselves to be not distortions of, denials of, or escapes from reality, but extensionsand configurations of its primary features. It means that the historians' thematization existsbecause historians live in a milieu in which a very general story already exists as a pre-thematic narrativecontext. William Dray, one of the critics of this view, says that this position is not good paradigmfor explanation of nature of historicity of human being and conditions of birth of historiography. Ithink that it necessary to subscribe to opinion of Carr about continuity between narrative and «realworld». But it is not a reason to suppose that the historical narratives are mirror of «real world». Ourthesis is that historical narratives will reveal themselves to be not reconstructions or configurations ofpast, but reconfigurations of narratives of social reality or primary narratives that constitute the «realworld».Keywords: Philosophy of history, historical studies, narrative, historical narrative, temporality.P. 53. Melik-Haikazyan I.V. «OCCASION-IN-ACTUALITY» AND «OCCASION-INREALITY». The notions «occasion-in-actuality» (code formation) and "occasion-in-reality" (creationof aim-oriented method of actions - operator) are introduced on the bases of categorical differentiaAbstracts110tion of entity (being), actuality, and reality (A.N.Whitehead) and information explanation of the wayout of chaos as an occasion. Occasion-in-reality is caused by the semantic transformation of a code. Itdefines effective management of communicative situation as an organization of occasion-in- reality;and ties reveals the connection between synergetics and semioticsKeywords: philosophy of process, occasion, information process, communicative processes,semiotics.THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHYP. 68. Ladov V.A. LATER L. WITTGENSTEIN'S ANTI-REALISM. L. Wittgenstein's semanticconception 'meaning as use' is considered in the article. Author tries to enter L. Wittgenstein's ideasin the general classification of semantic projects of analytic philosophy in accordance with distinctionrealism/anti-realism. Explication of Wittgenstein's conception is presented by means of research ofthe different forms of conventionalism as one of typical manifestation of anti-realism.Keywords: realism, anti-realism, conventionalism, meaning, Wittgenstein, analytic philosophy.P. 76. Sukhanova E.N. ON THE SENSE OF G.E. MOORE'S «PROOF OF THE EXTERNALWORLD». Moore's analysis of the concept of knowledge is discussed. Malcolm's (classical) interpretationis revised and supplemented by means of correlation of Moore's argument and ideas of theeighteenth-century Scottish philosophy.Keywords: G.E. Moore, T. Reid, proof of the external world, skepticism, common sense philosophy.ARCHIVESP. 86. Argamakova A.A. PREFACE TO PUBLICATION. In the article, author gives general informationabout content and importance of C.S. Peirce's work «What Is Sign?». It is shown that thework is essential not only for Peirce's semiotics but also for his philosophical pragmatism.Keywords: pragmatism, semiotics, logic, sign, reasoningMONOLOGUES, DIALOGUES, DISCUSSIONSP. 88. Round Table Discussion. THE RIGHT TO LIFE AND THE DUTY TO LIVE. The materialsof the «round table» reflect a wide range of opinions on the problem of capital punishment andthe right of Man to live. The problem is discussed from the philosophical, social, legal and culturalpoints of view.Keywords: Man, life, death, capital punishment.

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 АННОТАЦИИ СТАТЕЙ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Философия. Социология. Политология. 2009. № 3 (7).

АННОТАЦИИ СТАТЕЙ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. Философия. Социология. Политология. 2009. № 3 (7).

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