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SUMMARIES OF THE ARTICLES IN ENGLISH .pdf PHILOLOGYР. 7. Bankova T.B. DIALECT WORD: MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL CONTENT. The article presents research realizations in meaning of dialect words material and spiritual components.P. 11. Golda A.A. PROBLEM OF NOMINAL WORDS UNIQUENESS. The Russian theoretical grammar covers a number of complicated problems. Among them is a problem of nominal words uniqueness. Parts of speech are not simply independent speech components, not parts of the sentence and not classes of all categories, they are classes of such words, where each word possesses some uniform meaning. But it is not a lexical and partial grammar meaning, be more exact, it is a total grammar, in other words, categorical meaning.P. 15. Evseeva I.S. ARTISTIC HERITAGE OF OLrVER GOLDSMITH'S NOVEL «THE VICAR OF WAKEFLELD» IN M.N. MURAVYOV'S TALE «THE INHABITANT OF THE SUBURB». The article deals with the problem of M.N. Muravyov's reception the artistic heritage of an English novelist and poet Oliver Goldsmith and the problem of reflection the artistic merits of the English novel «The Vicar of Wakefield» in the Russian talc «The Inhabitant of the Suburb». Goldsmith's creative works present a synthesis of innovations of the literature of the Age of Enlightenment and Muravyov was first to innovations of the English writer to the Russian literature thus influenced the development of Russian sentimentalism.P. 19. Kryuchkova N. V. LEXICOGRAPHIC AND EXPERIMENTAL DATA IN THE STUDY OF CONCEPTUAL CONTENT. Thearticle deals with some methodological problems of conceptual linguistics, such as the problem of using lexicographical and associative materials in order to describe the concepts' content. The analysis of lexicographical description does not suffice for the needs of revealing the content of a concept. On the other hand, associations reflect the standard ideas connected with concepts expressed by linguistic units.P. 25. Mischenko E.V. «BORROWED WORD» AS DIALOGUE WITH THE CULTURAL TRADITION IN BRODSKY'SLYRIC POETRY: POSING OF PROBLEM. «Borrowed word» in Brodsky's works is regarded in the article as one of the methods of his «poetic style of estrangement». At is described through intertexts towards supertext (Logos Word).P. 28. Timanova O.I. CALENDAR LITERATURE GENRES AND RUSSIAN LITERARY FAIRY-TALE OF THE ХГХ CENTURY. The phenomenon of calendar literature and the place of fairy-tale in it is rated by the example of texts of two popular prose Russian writers of XIX century Nikolay Gogol and Anna Zontag.P. 36. Tcheprasova L.N. THE CONTRASTIVE ANALYSIS OF THE ENGLISH INFLUENCE IN NORTHERN EUROPE (PARALLEL TRANSLATIONS RESEARCH). The article is devoted to the contrastive analysis of English lawn acquisition in parallel translations of EU economic and law texts, into Finnish and Swedish as languages of two different structural types.PHILOSOPHY, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCESP. 38. Bublikov V. V. ASSIMILATION OR MULTICULTURALISM - AN EXPERIENCE OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES IN THESPHERE OF INTEGRATION OF IMMIGRANTS. The article gives the review on the issue of immigrant's integration from the view of two most popular conceptions in the practice of foreign countries: assimilation and multiculturalism. The reviewed conceptions are critically analyzed as in the their theory part, as well as from the perspective of their practical results.P. 42. Zidkikh V.A. BECOMING AND DEVELOPMENT TO ШЕА OF FEDERATION. The article is devoted to the problem of development idee the federation.P. 48. Iljaeva I.A., Khovanova E.V. THEORETICAL MODEL OF INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION INEDUCATIONAL SPACE OF THE UNIVERSITY. The article deals with theoretical basis of intercultural communication in educational space. Methodological basis is the theory of system modeling of humanitarian objects on the principle of logoston. Three basic notions 'communication', 'communicator', 'communication barrier' are identified. Logogexaeder 'intercultural communication' is constructed. It helps to describe 126 communication situations.P. 50. Kryzhova M.I. INSTITUTIONALIZATION IN THE SPHERE OF ECOLOGY IN CONDITIONS OF GLOBALIZATION.The article is devoted to the problem of ensuring global ecological safety. The article is concerning an institutionalization model, concerned with activities role of monitoring and the property. The author used documents of the UN conferences, scientific papers and statements made by the economy and the ecological safety specialists.P. 55. Semenuk A.P. CORRELATION OF THE CONCEPTIONS «ALIVE KNOWLEDGE» AND «UNDERSTANDING» IN THE EPISTEMOLOGICAL DOCTRLNES OF RUSSIAN PHILOSOPHERS OF 19th - BEGINNING 20"1 CENTURIES. Thearticle contains an analysis of general epistemological ideas of russian philosophers that in one case can be named «understanding» and in other version - «alive knowledge».P. 59. Cybrienko R.J. THE PROCESSES OF ADAPTATION IN THE CONDITION OF GLOBAL SOCIAL TRANSFORMATIONS. In this work the processes of redirection of value system and its consequences in the condition of global social changes are considered.232CULTUROLOGYP. 67. Kusevanova A.L. PROBLEM OF LEGITIMACY OF BUSINESS IN CULTURE OF MODERN RUSSIA. In clause variants of legitimacy of business in the Russian culture are analyzed. The author comes to conclusion that the most comprehensible are variants of realization of the concept of the social responsibility of business and introduction in public consciousness of enterprise values.P. 71. Serenkov Y.S, FORMING THE CULTURAL CODE FOR '20th CENTURY KNIGHTHOOD'. The clubs of King Arthur's Knights influenced the essence and the style of an older generation's work with American youth from (circa) 1895 and into the 20th century. Analyzed here are the writings of William Byron Forbush, the founder of Magnificent Knights of Castle of Character and related works of G. Stanley Hall and Albert Louis Banks. These stimulated complex activities of the young aimed at America's acquisition of the Matter-of-Britain myth and helped form the concept of 20th century knighthood.HISTORYP. 75. Dorofeev M. V. LAND RELATIONS AND SOCIAL STRATIFIED OF PEASANTRY LN WESTERN SIBERIA ON THEBEGINNING OF 20th CENTURY. We regard the calculation method of dividing on social groups in which is based on the statistical data from. We determine transformation of the term «kulak» from social-psychological into political word.P. 79. Ermolaev A.N. FROM HISTORY OF ACTIVITY TOMSK COMISSION OF RUSSIAN-AMERICAN COMPANY. TheArticle is dedicated to history of activity Tomsk Commission of Russian-American Company, which executed two the most important functions: concerned with transportation a cargo and hiring the people to hunt in Russian America.P. 83. Zhadovetz N.V. INTERNATIONAL ASPECT OF ISRAELS INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT. In recent years there has been a debate about the causes of Israel high tech growth. In order to understand the international science policy of Israel and its role in country's innovation development, and to assess complexity of overall concept of international ties establishment it is necessary to understand the history of state's development. Though Israel has not had a well-defined broad international cooperation development program, its foreign scientific ties were pushed forward basically by universities and individuals without government interference. Therefore, the formation of Israel science and technology was influenced most of all by American and German sciences.P. 88. Kicheev V.G. HISTORIOGRAPHY OF MONARCHY AND BLACK-HUNDREDISTS MOVEMENT IN RUSSIA AT THE BEGINNING OF THE XX CENTURY. The article analyzes the historiography of monarchy and black-hundredists movement in Russia as a part of a country political history at the beginning of the XX century. The author (article) concludes that the problem has a high importance and has not been enough studied yet.P. 96. Platonova N.I. PALEOETHNOLOGICAL SCHOOL OF ARCHAEOLOGY AND F.K. VOLKOV. We need to investigate the general ideas of the paleoethnological school now. Some of them are used to assert that the prehistoric archaeology is a kind of natural science. It's necessary to understand the sources of ideas, concepts and phenomena which formed the paleoethnological paradigm at different periods of time. The close study of the scholars' biographies, particularly of such founders of paleoethnology as G. de Mortillet and F.K. Volkov, is also of great interest.P. 104. Rumyantsev V.P. THE WORKING OUT OF THE POLICY OF THE UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN IN ARAB EAST IN 1958-1960. In the article the author researches the influence of events, which took place in the Middle East in 1958 (a creation of the United Arab Republic, domestic crises in Lebanon and Jordan, a coup d'etat in Iraq) on the policy of the United States and Great Britain in Arab East. On the first glance, these events undermined British policy, based on Anglo-Iraqi strategic partnership and American «Eisenhower's doctrine», aimed to isolate Egypt in the Arab world. The situation in inter-Arabian relations became much more complicated than before Suez crisis of 1956. However, changes, which took place in Arab countries in 1958, just precipitated a process of adjusting of collaboration of the U.S. with leaders of Arab nationalist movement. Great Britain became much more concentrated on defence of its interest in Persian Gulf region.LEGALP. 110. Agureev A.N. THE CONSEQUENCES OF DECLARATION OF PERSON'S ABSENCE IN RUSSIAN CIVIL LAW. In thegiven article are under consideration the basic problems and prospects of Russian legislation, regulating the procedure of declaration of one's absence or death. The special attention is given to the consequences of declaration of person's absence in the Russian Federation.P. 114. Boltanova E.S. LEGAL REGIME IN LAND LAW: THEORY OF QUESTION. In this article author researches one of compound categories of the science of land law: legal regime. As a result there is a conclusion about multidigit of this term, about necessity to determine legal regime applying to land fund of Russian Federation, some individual categories and kinds of land, land fields, author gives concept of legal regime and main characteristics.P. 118. Leonova T.Yu. THE CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY OF A CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION SUBJECT (OF THE HEAD OF THE HIGHEST EXECUTIVE BODY OF THE STATE POWER THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION SUBJECT). This article analyses the concepts and types of the constitutional responsibility of a chief executive officer of the Russian Federation subject (of the head of the highest executive body of the state power the Russian Federation subject).P. 121. Masur E.S., Dergatch N.S. THE ROLE OF MEDICAL CRIMINALISTICS DERMATOGLYPHICS IN FORECASTTING OF THE EXTERNAL IDENTEFICATION INDICATIONS OF A PERSON. The present article provides the results of a der-233matoglyphic research of the hand palmer skin design conducted with the application of the diagnostic equations developed by the authors in order to forecast the external identification indications of a person. The results of the given study can essentially supplement the possibilities for an expert research in the sphere of identification of a person in the course of operational investigative actions.P. 124. Otmakhova N.N. ON THE QUESTION OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL STATUS OF THE SECURITY COUNCIL OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: BASED ON MATERIALS OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONFERENCE OF 1993. This article analyzes materials of the Constitutional Conference of 1993 related to the status of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.P. 127. Trubnikova T. V. TRIAL IN THE DEFENDANT'S ABSENCE (TRIAL IN ABSENTIA) IN SYSTEM OF REDUCTIVECRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. The author analyzes legal regulation and practice of application of the trial in absentia in criminal proceedings of the Russian Federation. Trial in the defendant's absence (trial in absentia) is compared with other reductive judicial proceedings. The author proposes to change the legislation and practice, necessary for the formation of consistent system of reductive judicial proceedings, which does not make an obstacle in realization of the civil right to defense in a trial.ECONOMICSP. 134. Aleksandrova T.S. EDUCATIONAL LEVEL OF THE POPULATION AS A PARAMETER OF A CONDITION OF THECULTURAL ENVIRONMENT. In article the condition of formation in Transbaikalian territory is analyzed on the basis of the data переписей 1989 and 2002. The educational level is an important parameter of a condition of the cultural environment. It is judged, that in Transbaikalian territory progress in formation is observed. The qualitative condition of the cultural environment on this parameter is improved.P. 137. Bazhutina Т.О., Bodryakova E.A. CRITERIA OF QUALITY OF A LIFE: PHILOSOPHICAL AND ECONOMICASPECT. Article is devoted a problem of criteria of an estimation of quality of a life. Various approaches to definition of this category are considered. The conclusion is drawn on absence of the uniform bases for definition of the maintenance and quality structure, a consequence of that is absence of uniform criteria and the logic basis of the given phenomenon. In the conclusion the new approach to an estimation of quality of a life on the basis of remedial indicators is offered.P. 141. Bass A.Y., Rasomasova E.A. ECONOMIC TOOLS OF MAKING SERVICES OF RUSSIAN ECONOMY EFFECTIVE.The article gives the analysis of services in the Russian Federation. It shows that this field is decisive for postindustrial development of economy and its efficiency. It is proved that Russian economy is going behind developed industrial countries. Independent development of services as hyper-branch by means of traditional ways of setting government companies does not work. It is not real since investments needed exceed those of Russian economy. The article offers the ways of developing services by government support of small businesses. Problems able to be solved just on the government level have been stated here.P. 148. Gaynanov D.A., Usov VJu. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF THE HOLDING COMPANIES. In the paper the problem of strategic management by the holding companies on the basis of the Activity-Based Performance Analysis - ABPA. The approach represents synthesis of two popular concepts - Balanced Scorecard and Activity-Based Costing. Authors offer a technique of realization of this approach. Practical value of researches consists in an opportunity to the companies to decentralize process of formation of strategy. Keywords: the strategic management, the » Activity-Based Performance Analysis - ABPA, an estimation of efficiency.P. 154. Demchuk I. SWINDLE IN CREDIT BUSINESS AND THE WAYS OF ITS PREVENTION. The article generalizes the facts of criminal banking transactions, analyzes the situations connected with «black» and «grey» raidemess and offers the ways of prevention of swindle in banking.P. 161. Deshkovskaja N.S., Novokreshchennyh V.A. FEATURES OF DIFFERENTIATION OF PRODUCTION, QUALITY ENFORCEMENT MECHANISMS AND MANAGEMENT IN AGRO-FOOD CHAINS. On the basis of the New Institutional Economic analysis are investigated features of differentiation of production, and also consequence on the governance of agro-food supply chains of different quality enforcement.P. 168. Erohina T.B. THE MARKET PR ATTRACTIVENESS FOR THE INCREASING OF MARKETING OPPORTUNITDZS.Stabilization and spreading of PR transformed them from casual form of work with consciousness into regular, stable and fashionable science. PR emerged as a political propaganda, but its deep source is art of sales with its pure practical orientation. If art of sales works with consciousness for sales of commodities, public relations promote the sale of image, but not only the goods, strives to create the most favourable impression about its customer, commodity or service in the eyes of consumers, partners, and to cause fear in the crowd of enemies and competitors. Just therefore, PR expand marketing borders, cross and bound with advertizing and management. PR becomes the aspect of all these managerial and commercial work, which gives them the sphere for activities. PR are practical, official, they are by definition a means, an instrument, a technology, but they are not a creator of values, they only handle them, using the existing in society symbolic bagage. Marketing does not stop in its development and requires new instruments at orientation to the market, today it must be focused on consumers, and that is what PR are able to undertake. All values, high and low, human and ambiguous, are the instrument for raising assigned goal or ruining competitors or enemies, and as a result all PR actions promote real market efficiency.P. 173. Kazakov V.V. FINANCIAL MAINTENANCE of MUNICIPAL UNIONS. In article there are issues of financial maintenance of municipal unions are in detail considered. An overall objective of reforming of budgetary system in the Russian Federation is transition to qualitatively other level of management of the public finance. Budgetary reform urged to use the means told by tax bearers in the order of the budget that will allow to raise quality of given public services, well-being and social security growth with the maximum return.234P. 176. Mysachenko V.I. TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS AND STRUCTURAL TRANSFORMATION OF DOMESTICINDUSTRY. The paper deals with the issue of technological innovations and their effect on structural changes in the industry. Causes of poor performance achieved by innovative industry are analysed as well as tools and methods, which enable us to create the right environment for businesses to introduce technological innovations. The paper outlines main government policies necessary for structural changes in the industry, first of all in machine building, to take place.P. 181. Nesteruk O.A. IMPROVEMENT OF THE ACCOUNTING OF THE FIXED ASSETS IN FARM. The article is dedicated to the actual problems in farm fixed assets accounting. Here you can find a description of main techniques of book keeping of permanent assets in farm as well as revealed disadvantages of current accounting and proposals on its perfection and simplification.P. 186. Usmanova T. THE APPLICATION OF METHODICAL TOOLKIT OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS AT REALIZATION AUDIT OF TARIFFS OF HOUSING AND COMMUNAL SERVICES. The article deals with methodical approaches, applied at carrying out the economic analysis of industrial-economic activity of organisations during realisation of audit of tariffs in a system of a housing-and-municipal complex.P. 193 Shershova L.V., Malakhovskaya M.V. MODEL OF THE GENDER PRIORITIES REALIZATION IN THE SOCIAL-LABOR POLICY. In article the model of the social labor policy realization taking into account gender aspects is presented. Now, structures of an employment engaged policy in realization working in independence from each other. The considered model allows to connect activity of these structures and to create the mechanism of the coordinated decision of a problem from the beginning to its practical application with using of the gender priorities.PSYCHOLOGY AND PEDAGOGICSP. 198. Grigorieva I.V. INTERPRETATION OF THE NOTION «MEDIA EDUCATIONAL SPACE»: TO A PROBLEM OF SCD2NTIFIC TERMINOLOGY SYSTEMATIZATION. This article contains an attempt of theoretical consideration, understanding, specification, concretization of the contexts of the phenomenon «space», «educational space», and also a system analysis of various treatments of the definition «informational space», «virtual space», «media space», with perspective their integration to the «media educational space».P. 202. Tonkoshkurova IV. THE ENRICHMENT OF THE HUMANITARIAN DISCIPLINES' CONTENT WITH THE PROFESSIONAL CONTEXT AS A CONDITION OF MOULDING OF PROFESSIONAL MENTALITY OF A STUDENT -FUTURE ENGINEER. Theoretical analysis of phenomenon «professional mentality» is considered. The possibility of moulding of this mentality during the training at the institute is studied. One of the pedagogical conditions of professional mentality moulding of a student - future engineer is based.BIOLOGYP. 206. Goncharov V.M., Faustova E.V., Tymbaev V.G. QUANTITATIVE APPROACH TO COMPLEX AGROPHYSICALASSESSMENT OF SOIL COVER. A stochastic approach to agrophysical properties estimation, based on soil water and air regimes analysis, is proposed. Specified external initial conditions on upper and lower boundaries of soil profile (precipitation, evapotranspira-tion, outflow etc.) and usage of experimental data on water retention and permeability allow to predict moisture changes and evaluate and optimize water and air conditions of plant growth. Case studies of soil cover in Vladimir and Ivanovo regions illustrate a high level of agrophysical properties heterogeneity.P. 214. Sokolov D.A. SPECIFICITY OF ACCUMULATION AND ALLOCATION OF FRACTIONS OF THE RESTORED PRODUCTS IN EMBRIOZEMS OF KUZBAS. Features of accumulation and allocation of fractions of the restore products in soils at the initial, organic-accumulative, turfy and humuc-accumulative stages of pedogenesis in technogenic landscapes of Kuzbas are studied. Questions of a parentage of fractions, and also the significance secondary, pedogenical the restored products in transformation primary, litogtnical oxidation-reduction systems are considered.SCIENCES ABOUT EARTHP. 218. Ivin V.V., Khomich V.G., Boriskina N.G. FAR EAST GEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE FEB RAS HYDROTHERMALITES OF MILOGRADOVO AREA (SOUTH PRIMORYE) AND THEIR SPATIAL RELATION WITH GOLD-SILVER OCCURRENCES. We have studied the structure of the massif of secondary quartzites known as «Kosmos» that occurs in the southern part of the East-Sikhote-Alin volcanic belt. E. Marcoux's model was used to explain possible spatial relations of the quartzite massif and a large Milogradovo occurrence of gold-silver mineralization located at a distance of about 8 km from the «Kosmos». The absence of intensive metasomatic alterations («cherty cap in the argillization field») within the ore-bearing area is, probably, due to the influence of the post-ore denudation processes.P. 220. Kirov V. V, Kirova S.A. GEOECOLOGICAL EVALUATION OF RECREATIONAL-RESOURCE POTENTIAL OF URBAN TERRITORIES (ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE TOWN OF ABAKAN). Recreational-resource potential and ecologo-recreational land capacity of the town of Abakan were analyzed. Zoning of parks was done according to their force of attraction. Permissible attendance loads of town's zones of recreation were calculated. The recommendations for the facilities of recreational territories were given to improve the ecological situation and reduce the load on recreational territories.

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