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SUMMARIES OF THE ARTICLES IN ENGLISH .pdf Р. 7. Volkova A.A. THE COMMUNICATIVE STRATEGY OF COMPREHENSION IN THE MODERN MAGAZINE COMMUNICATION. The main factor of the adequate understanding of the magazine text is a successful realization of the communicative strategy of comprehension. This strategy is represented by various communicative tactics. Correlation of communicative tactics -the most effective method to realize the communicative strategy of comprehension. The absence of communicative tactics in the text may result in the communicative failure.P. 11. Galimova D.N. HUMAN IN THE METAPHORICAL DIALECTAL PICTURE OF THE WORLD. The article based on the dialectal research and describes main metaphorical models which forms «Human» conception sphere.P. 15. Denisov V.D. THE PIECES OF THE HISTORICAL NOVEL BY N.V. GOGOL' AS ARABESQUE'S. The article is dedicated to two historical sketches, which one Gogol' has pronounced by the chapters of the novel «The Hauptman», though each piece had a special scene and style, system of the characters. In the collection of «The Arabesque's» these «chapters» together with the articles about Ukraine should give notion to the reader about the poetic history of its people.P. 21. Morgaleva V.V. ABSOLUTE DATIVE PARTICD7AL CONSTRUCTION IN GOTHIC. The article describes Absolute Par-ticipal Construction with the Present Participle in -nd used in Gothic. Absolute Dative is said to be the most common construction in Gothic. Its base is Germanic by origin. Absolute Dative was widely used in Old English and received its further development in modern Germanic languages.P. 25. Fedyanova G V. GENRE ORIGINALITY OF Y.P. POLONSKY'S POETRE. Three verses by Y.P. Polonsky: «Knight's mistake» (1854), «At the Black See» (1855), «On Shipboard» (1856) are analysed in the article. The author concludes about their genre originality. It is ballads with some drama items. Symbolism of the emages gives to these verses some publicitism. Nature images play special role in these verses.P. 28. Yuklyayeva L.R. THE LEXICO-SEMANTIC GROUP OF VERBS WITH THE MEANING «TO KILL» IN THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE. The group of verbs with the meaning «to kill, deprive someone of someone's life» is interpreted in the article as a lexico-semantic group, semantic features, integrating and differentiating units of which are studied. Peculiarities of the verbs with the meaning «to kill» in different forms of the national language are characterized.PHILOSOPHY, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCESP. 32. Kruglov V.L. «AESTHESIS» AND AESTHETIC: SOURCES AND A CLICHE OF TRADITION. The author argues on sources of a reflection «aesthesis» and traditions of a subject of an aesthetics in history of philosophical knowledge from antiquity and up to now.P. 36. Skatova V.V. THE PROBLEM OF FUNCTIONING THE INSTITUTION OF PROFESSIONAL SUBSTITUTION ORPHANS CARE. A reformation of the child welfare system, which currently taking place, is directed to spread of family forms of the professional substitution orphans care. For determine the potential of substitution care'institution there is a need to analyze problems the professional families face with.P. 40. Skorokhodova T.G. SOCIAL THOUGHT OF BENGAL RENAISSANCE: THE PROJECT OF CIVIL SOCIETY. The article represents the reconstruction of project of civil society, which was created by the Bengal Renaissance's intellectual elite in ХГХ -early XX centuries. One was integral part of socio-cultural modernization's project, oriented for renaissance of India. The seek of Bengal thinkers for social modernization's substantiation without loose of cultural identity had reflected in fine synthesis, which united elements of westemism and ethnophilism, liberalism and conservatism.P. 48. Terentyeva Yu. V. THE PLACE OF THE COMMUNICATION AT THE STAFF MOTIVATION SYSTEM. The communicative bonds are very important for the body of every organization. The more communication channels has the organization, the better and more effective can be build the management system and the system of the staff motivation. The communicative bonds help the person to assume office, to become acquainted with the collective, to arrange the work place, to get the necessary information. The communication as well ensures every staff member his/her further development.CULTUROLOGYP. 52. Kirilenko E.I. THEME OF MEDICINE IN HUMANITARIAN DISCOURSE. The traditional natural-scientific discourse of modern medicine is supplemented by the experience of its humanitarian research in nonclassical branches of modern philosophy, basing on the principles of historicism, integrity of the approach, research of medical phenomena within the cultural - symbolical horizon.222P. 60. Laluev V.Ya. PHILOSOPHICAL IDEAS ABOUT FORMS OF TRANSCENDENTAL AND IMMANENT IN PROPHECIES. The essence of prophecy as phenomenon of spiritual culture which can be determined by transforming the transcendental into the immanent is analysed in the article. First, prophecy is based on recognition of the transcendental being which is shown in the immanent. Second, prophecy uses the shown ways of the transcendental knowledge so that to transform its content into the immanent being field.P. 67. Surina T.V. POIESIS AS AN ARCHETYPE OF CULTURE. In the article the author offers to consider a culture as creative event in its structural and phenomenological aspects. There the concept of Poiesis is taken as main category which is able to clear up archetypical logic of an event of culture. In the etymology of this Greeks concept two moments are distinguished - an appearance (emergency) and a production, which lead towards two moments of creative event - finding of sense and creation. They constitute the space and the time of cultural event as an event of transformation of natural human being.HISTORYP. 71. Aiushieva I.G. THEORETICAL BASIS OF MODERN MONGOLIAN FOREIGN POLICY AND THE PROBLEM OF «THE THIRD NEIGHBOUR» IN THEIR PRACTICE. The article is an attempt to analyze the formation of theoretical basis of modem Mongolian foreign policy and the problem of «the third neighbour» in their practice.P. 74. Guzarov V.N. THE UYEZD COMMITTEES OF THE RUSSIAN COMMUNIST PARTY. 1920-1925 (BY THE HISTORICAL SOURCES OF SIBERIA). Mashinery of Lenin's Party based on multiple-level system adapted to administrative and territorial division of Soviet Russia. Uyezd Committees were the main component of the Party apparatus. They were subordinated to the Province Committees. The Uyezd Committees Staff varied from 10 to 27 persons. They got often renewed. Their professional qualification was very poor. It based on short-time courses. In connection with administrative reform the number of Uyezd Committees had been reduced. Uyezd Committees stopped existence by 1925 year.P. 80. Erkinova R.M. THE SHAMAN WORLD IN THE DRAWINGS BY G.I. CHOROS-GURKIN. The article concerns the previously unpublished graphic works by G.I. Choros-Gurkin on the topic of shamanism, which are found in the National A.V. Anokhin Museum of the Altai Republic. Three drawings are devoted to the shaman Universe; such works as «The Altaians», «Kamlaniye», «Cha-chilga», «Leaving for the sky to Ulgen Bash tutkan», «Tos» refer to the ritual practice - kamlaniye; to the images of invisible spirits and deities - «Spirits», «Mountain spirit - tuu ezi», «Mountain spirits», «The spirit of a mountain waterfall», «Erlik».P. 84. Matveeva E.A. EUROPEANISM L\ INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY OF ITALIAN COMMUNISTS: BEFORE AND AFTER THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL. The article examines positions of the biggest communist party of the West, Italian communist party, and of its' heir, the Party of Communist refoundation, on the European integration process. The emphasis is made on the analysis of Italian communists' attitudes to the Europe's role within the framework of the international relations system.P. 88. Ostrovski L.K. THE POLISH MILITARY IN SIBERIA (1904-1920). The present article is about stay of the Polish military in Siberia in the beginning of 20 th century. This work is founded on the archive sourcts.P. 93. Slavina L.N. MORTALITY IN EASTERN SIBERIA COUNTRIES FROM 1960 TO THE BEGINNING OF 1990™. Thearticle gives a comparative analysis of the trends in mortality over the past Soviet decades. It shows the character of the mortality in different demographic groups of population in Eastern Siberia in contemporary comparison with analogical processes in another regions and Russia as a whole. It also demonstrates the crisis of mortality reached high level everywhere in Russia but in Eastern Siberia countries it run especially sharply and played the conclusive role in depopulations of the beginning of 1990th.LEGALP. 98. Amelchenko MM APPLICATION OF LABOR LEGISLATION AND HERMENEUTICS. The given text covers the information concerning to interpretation of labor legislation subject to hermeneutics. The article is based on the text interpretation rules developed by German philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher in the first half of the 19th century. In terms of particular judicial decisions on labor disputes is shown application of the rules in jurisprudence.P. 102. Voronin O.V. ABOUT SOME ISSUES OF ADVERSARIAL APPROACH IN SENTENCING CASES HEARINGS. While defining an adversarial approach as a fundamental principle in Russian legal proceedings, Russian Criminal Proceeding Code includes among other proceedings the sentencing cases hearing proceeding. In these procedures an adversarial approach is rather a case hearing method or a parties' attitude towards the procedure than a fundamental criminal proceedings principle.P. 105. Mironova E. V. CONDITIONS OF CHOOSING RESTRAINTS BY WAY OF CUSTODIAL PLACEMENT. In this article the author differentiates the terms of reasons and conditions of choosing restraints by way of custodial placement, highlights the conditions, which are necessary for choosing custodial placement in compliance with the Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, as well as grounds the conclusion of worth introducing changes to the Criminal Procedure that are relative the specified questions.P. 108. Nosbva E.V. PERFECTION OF THE CRIMINALLY-REMEDIAL LEGISLATION, REGULATING CONSIDERATION OF COMPLAINTS BE THE WAY OF CLAUSE 125 OF THE CRIMINALLY-REMEDIAL CODE OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION. The article is devoted to the institute of the appeal of actions of bodies of preliminary investigation in the court by the way of the clause 125 of the Criminally-remedial code of Russian Federation. Iv this article it is spoken about contradictions in the legislation regulating procedure of submission and the order of the sanction of the complaint by count. The author result the vision of changing of operating Criminally- remedial code of the legislation of Russia.223P. 111. Pribytko Yu.A. TO THE QUESTION ON THE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF DUTIES BY CIVIL OFFICERS. The general theoretic aspect on the accomplishment of duties by civil officers has been considered, the scientists' views have been analysed on the comprehension of such categories as «forms of accomplishment of duties by civil officers» and «forms of management». The classification for forms of accomplishment of duties by civil officers has been given.P. 113. Tidikova N. V. VICTIM Ш FORCIBLE SEXUAL CRIMES. The author defines the victim in forcible sexual crimes. Decision of the question has practical meaning and touches upon qualification of the force in forcible sexual crimes. The author proves that victim in forcible sexual crimes is a person whose sexual freedom run in danger. Violence in point of victim is an element of forcible sexual crimes corpus delict. Violence in point of other people should have own qualification.P. 115. Chalyh D. V. A LOT OF ROT CONCERNING THE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS GUARANTEE WHEN INVESTIGATINGPETTY OFFENCE IN KAZAKHSTAN. The scientific article is devoted to the reseach of the theoretical and practical problems of the introduction and effective use of the social-legal control for securing of the defence of the citizens's rights on the executive power organs's activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.P. 120. Chubrakov S.V. THE DEVELOPMENT OF VIEWS ON THE PRINCIPLES OF PENAL LAW IN THE SCD2NCE OF CORRECTIONAL LAW AND PENAL LAW. In the present article the development of scientific points of view on the system and content of Penal Law principles is being analyzed. The opinions of some legal authors of Soviet period on the theory of Correctional Labour Law (Penal Law) and its principles are given; the grounds for existing of subjectivism and variety of views relating to the system itself and the principles it covers are being revealed.ECONOMICSP. 124. AdamovE.V. ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHD? IN MUNICIPAL MANAGEMENT. Business and public authority interaction is an objective tendency of the modern market. In the countries with the developed market economy the given forms of co-operation, which are called Public-Private Partnership, have been already used a considerable amount of time with the purpose of realization of large capital investment projects, and also the projects connected with development of infrastructure. In Russia, unfortunately, hands-on experience of their use does not suffice. At the same time, introduction of Public-Private Partnership forms is considered to be one of perspective trends of overcoming of crisis situations in various spheres, including especially problem sphere of housing and communal services.P. \21.AkopovN.E. GLOBALIZATION TRENDS AND COMPETITIVE TECHNOLOGIES OF TRANSNATIONAL GROUPS OF AUTO COMPANDXS' POSITIONING. The article describes different competitive technologies of transnational groups of auto companies' positioning in the context of a financial crisis. The author underlines different globalization trends and its modem-day peculiarities. He also states that potential buyers in the Russian car market have experienced some problem described in not only precise depreciation of foreign cars, but also in a question of credits' availability in the conditions of the financial crisis. Nevertheless, the group of auto companies' positioning in the Russian auto market extends and becomes stronger because of the high quality of the offered goods and services.P. 130. Melnikova I.U., Stepanov I.G. THE MODEL OF FORMING OF INVESTMENT PROGRAMM OF ENTERPRISE. Thedifferent models of forming of investment programmes and oppotunities of their practical application are seen in the article. The authors offer the model of forming of investment programm allowing to realize reinvestment of means coming from the realization of projects. The application of this model will allow an enterprise to optimize the using of limited financial resourcers and to cut down the need in attracted means, to rise the efficiency of management solutions in investment spheres.P. 135. Solovjev K.V. THE COMPLEX ESTIMATION OF THE COMPETITIVENESS OF THE TRANSPORT COMPANY.The growth in all branches of economics is impossible without perfection of the transport branch. The competitiveness is one of the main factors of the effective transportation of the goods and its safety. The complex approach to the development and construction of transport company competiveness model can be used as a set of instruments for the solution of strategic tasks of increasing competiveness.P. 138. Suhochev V.I. ORGANIZATION APPROACH OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND ITS METHODICS CALCULATION.In given article the author is any lasing the organization approach as one of working comprehensible by everyone of higher education. The author is form the defination of organization's approach, settle in terms of its ensuring, and also suggest the methodic of its accounts/ With the sole purpose of introduction of proposing methodic were carry out the calculation of organization access of higher education in Russia in 1990-2004 years.P. 143. Ykhoreva KM. FEATURES OF THE MODERN THEORY AND METHODOLOGY OF AN ESTIMATIONINDUSTRIAL CLUSTERS. Building industrial clusters - progressive and scientific process. In present article some versions of quantitative and qualitative methods of search and an estimation industrial clusters are offered, and also are considered various allocation methodology of clusters on the basis of foreign experience for the purpose of the directed support of their further joint development and cooperation.P. 148. Fal N.P. RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IS ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT. The article discusses problems of rural community development is organization and management. Particular attention is given to organization and management resources, the latter are scrutinized as the most important part of development capacity. The author argues that the process of planned changes involves synchronization of economic changes with those in social behavior. The author insists that achievement of sustainable rural development depends on maturity of organization and management assets of specific community.224P. 152. Tsap N. THE NECESSITY OF DEFINITION OF FOREST SECTOR AS AN OBJECT FOR EFFECTIVEREGULATION OF FOREST USE. The work considers the notion of forest sector of economy as the object of politicy of forest use regulation. Factors influencing on the forest claster formation are analysed. The necessity of complex approach to forest use is defined.P. 155. Chernova O.A. THE MAINTENANCE OF INNOVATIVE PROCESSES IN A CONTEXT OF REGIONALDEVELOPMENT. Maintenance of a due estimation of innovative transformations probably only at precise formalization of characteristics of innovative process. In clause value of base categories is analyzed: innovations, innovative potential, innovative process; author's definition of a category is offered Innovative potential of region; the maintenance of innovative process is investigated.PSYCHOLOGY AND PEDAGOGICSP. 161. Bendyukov M.A. PERSONAL TRAITS OF UNEMPLOYED. The article presented an empirical study of personal characteristics of the unemployed. A study conducted on two samples in 2004 and 2007. We show that the personal traits of unemployed and employed is different. Are personality traits that increase the risk of unemployment and individual characteristics, stabilizing employment.P. 165. Gusev A.A. THE METHODS OF STAMINA DEVELOPMENT OF BOYS AT PHYSICAL TRAINING CLASSES AT SECONDARY SCHOOL. The methods of stamina development of senior schoolboys at physical training classes at secondary school by using the means of special classes system is analysed in this research.P. 168. Evdokimova E.G. REGARDING TO UNDERSTANDING BY STUDENTS OF THEIR TASKS IN COORDINATION OF IDEAS ABOUT PEDAGOGICAL INTERACTION. During the study process concerning the courses of psychological and pedagogical themes is created a possibility of comprehension by the students of their own relations, ideas as regards the studied occurrences. Uncertainty of training tasks allows for the students to discover their own ideas, relations, to compare and to agree them with their interlocutors, to get the understanding of their own tasks in pedagogical interaction and to understand the meaning of the studied occurrences.P. 174. Kalachikova O.N. IN CLAUSE RESULTS OF RESEARCH OF THE MAINTENANCE AND STAGES OF OCCURRENCE OF TEACHERS ARE PRESENTED TO INNOVATIVE ACTIVITY. Efficiency of the organization of forms of support of teachers is analyzed at realization of initiative changes of pedagogical activity. On an example of results of realization of the program of improvement of professional skill, problems of administrative support of transition from trial initiative actions to change of pedagogical activity are allocated.BIOLOGYP. 178. Wasserlauf LA. CHANGE OF THE ORGANIZATION CHROMOSOMES IN OVARIAN NURSE CELLS OF DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER UPON INBREEDING AND HYBRID DYSGENESIS. The effect of low temperature at chromosomes arrangement in ovarian nurse cells of D. melanogaster laboratory inbred strains low been investigated. Low-active (LA), High-active (HA) strains, which were isolated from one another long time ago, and inbred strains 30 inbred generations have been examined. Extreme temperatures and long-term inbreeding have been proved to be relevant factors which affect the synapses of chromosomes. The consequence of inbreeding is the phenomenon of hybrid dysgenesis, which affects spatial arrangement of chromosomes in the nucleus.P. 188. Dolgin V.N., Yalysheva E.N. ZOOBENTHOS OF KUP-KHOL LAKE (TUVA). Distribution of zoobenthos was examiner by authors in mountain Koop-Khol Lake (Western Sayan). The dominating groups in different biotopes on littoral zone are Bivalvia and Chirinomidae. In profundal biomass is formed by big forms larvae of Chirinomidae. Fauna of mollusks include 13 species of Bivalvia and 1 species of Planorbidae family. The species are new for Tuva. Oligohaeta, Gammarus and Hyrudinea are in all types biotopes. They numbers and biomass are same as in all type of biotopes.P. 191. Makarkina N.V., Sheveleva NG. SPECIES COMPOSITION AND PRODUCTIVITY OF ZOOPLANKTON INTAZHERAN BRACKISH LAKES (PRIBAIKALYE). The main aim of this work is to study species composition, structure-forming complex, abundance, biomass, and production of rotifers and lower crustaceans from four brackish lakes of Tazheran steppes. The following species were for the first time mentioned for water bodies of East Siberia: E. dumonti, M. mongolica, R. frontalis, P. petromyzon, L. oxystemon, L. quadridentata, and K. valga. Gallophils (A. (Rh.) salinus, D. magna, M. mongolica, B. plicatilis asplanchnoides, and H. mira) and euryhaline species (K. quadrata, R. frontalis, F. longiseta, E. arcanus, and A. denticornis) form a structure-forming nucleus of zooplankton. The number of structure-forming species of zooplankton in lakes does not exceed 5-6. The rank distribution curve corresponds to the eutrophic type. According to the level of productivity and qualitative and structural characteristics, the trophic status of the lakes under studies is considered to be meso - eutrophic.P. 196. Shekhovtsova I., Baikov K. MORPHOLOGICAL VARIABILITY OF SEXUAL DD7FERENTIATION OF SPEKELETS IN INFLORESCENCES OF SPECIES OF GENUS CAREX (SUBGENUS KRECZETOVICZIA, CYPERACEAE) AND ABNORMAL VARIANTS OF THE STRUCTURE OF FLOWERS. Morphological variability of sexual differentiation of spikelets in inflorescences of representatives of genus Carex from subgenus Kreczetoviczia (Cyperaceae) is considered. The basic morphological deviations from typical staminal forms of spikelets and variants of abnormal structure of flower for species of the section Phacocystis are revealed and described.225SCIENCES ABOUT EARTHP. 201. Vershinina IP. THE CHARACTERISTIC OF ANNUAL RUNOFF OF KUZBASS RIVERS. The characterisation of annual runoff and its seasonal distribution for the rivers of Kuzbass on a basis of observations over the period of last 20 years has been done. Regionalisation of the study area into districts taking into account conditions of formation of river runoff is offered. Maps of annual runoff and its coefficients of variation have been developed. The estimation of applicability of the maps for various ungauged rivers of Kuzbass is given.P. 206. Pozdnyakov A.V., Shurkina K.A. A NEW METHODOLOGICAL APPROACH TO ENERGY ANALYSIS OFAGROECOS YSTEM FUNCTIONING. A methodology for energy estimation of functioning of social ecologo-economic system, by the example of agroecosystem, like operationally closed self-organizing structure is put forward. Its energy analysis is realized.P. 213. Yushkina O.A., Zemtsov V.A. EFFECT OF RIVERFLOW REGIME AND DEGREE OF ITS NATURAL REGULATION ON PARAMETERS OF RIVER BASIN DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS. A river basin is considered as a complex non-linear dynamical system (chaotic, in general), generating long-term riverflow time series at the basin outlet. Some dynamical parameters are used for characterization of system behaviour. Effect of riverflow regime and degree of natural flow regulation on dynamical parameters values has been investigated in the study. It has been shown that the values of the time delay т and correlation dimension D of 7 Siberian highland and lowland rivers time series are strongly dependent on the cp coefficient, reflecting the proportion of basic flow in total volume of annual riverflow.

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