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SUMMARIES OF THE ARTICLES IN ENGLISH.pdf PHILOLOGYР. 7. Zhalsanova Zhargalma B. State University - Higher School of Economics. CONCEPT WIFE IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF RUSSIAN AND BURYAT PEOPLE. The article is devoted to the problem of ethnic and cultural specificity of consciousness. The author presents the results of associative experiment and analyzes the presentation of concept wife in the consciousness of Russian and Buryat people. Key words: consciousness; ethnic and cultural specificity; associative experiment.Р. 11. Kishina Yelena V. Kemerovo State University. COMPLEX RESEARCH OF A CATEGORY «OWN-STRANGE» IN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE. Clause is devoted to research of a category «own-strange» in russian language. The interdisciplinary approach to consideration of a phenomenon «own-strange» is described, different directions of research «own-strange» are generalized, features of semantic realization «own-strange» are defined.Key words: interdisciplinary interpretation of a phenomenon «own-strange»; category «own - strange»; рolitical communication; manipulative function of language.Р. 15. Nesterova Natalia G. Tomsk State University. COMMUNICATIVE AND PRAGMATIC PECULIARITIES OF ETIQUETTE SPEECH GENRES IN RADIODISCOURSE. The article represents the results of study of in-genres transformations of etiquette speech genres in spontaneous radiodiscourse. Communicative and pragmatic peculiarities of spontaneous radiodiscourse are represented basing on the example of the analysis of genre-forming characteristics of etiquette genre of greeting in the speech of radio-presenters. Key words: radiodiscourse; etiquette speech genres; addresser; addressee.Р. 20. Pervushina Elena A. Far Eastern National University. «ANTI-STRATFORD» TRANSLATION OF SHAKESPEAREAN SONNET CYCLE IN RUSSIA. The article discusses the readings of the sonnets, characteristic of translators who believed that Shakespeare had not been the author of the sonnets attributed to him. Based on S. Stepanov's Shakespearean Sonnets, the author shows how a non-traditional attitude of the translator towards the problem of authorship, prototypes, history of sonnet creation, and their succession was reflected in the fundamentally new structure of the cycle. Key words: literary translation; sonnet; Shakespeare authorship question; poetic cycle; S. Stepanov.Р. 24. Tsoy Yekaterina V. Institute of International Education and Linguistic Communication, Tomsk Polytechnic University. SYSTEMIC RELATIONS OF ADVERBIAL CONVERSIVES. This paper views systemic relations (relations of synonymy, antonymy, polysemy) of adverbial conversives - these are units, which were formed as a result of adverbialization of case forms and prepositional case forms of nouns and noun phrases. Key words: adverbial conversives; adverbialization; relations of synonymy; antonymy, polysemy; functional-semantic field.Р. 27. Chulanova Anna P. Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute. REGARDING THE QUESTION OF EXPEDIENCY AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TERM «SYNTACTICAL SYNONYMY». The same significance can be expressed in speech by means of different syntactical constructions, filling with correlated lexemes, modifying in morphological and word-formative aspects. Such models can be acknowledged as alternative, but not synonymous, as differential indications of models are always germane concerning syntax. Key words: syntax; synonymy; alternative.Р. 31. Shalina Irina V. A.M. Gorky Ural State University, Yekaterinburg. CULTURAL SCRIPT «RURAL FAMILY LIFE»: FROM THE PRACTICE OF LINGUISTIC AND CULTURAL INTERPRETATION. The article discusses the concepts «life script» and «cultural script» allowing to describe the linguistic and cultural interpretation among the people speaking ural urban substandard language. Texts-conversations are recorded by the author by means of the method of participant observation. The article gives the general characteristics of the most important components of the cultural script and demonstrates the practice of describing the chronotop of the cultural script «Rural family life». Key words: cultural linguistics; substandard language; cultural script, life script, cultural script chronotop.PHILOSOPHY, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCESР. 38. Borisov Evgeni V. Tomsk State University. PRAGMATIC THEORY OF MEANING IN WITTGENSTEIN AND HEIDEGGER. The article is devoted to a comparative analysis of theories of meaning in Wittgenstein and Heidegger. It is shown that both thinkers thematize holisticity, mediality, facticity and performativity of meaning which let fix «pragmatic turn» as a common feature of their semantic investigations. Key words: theory of meaning, pragmatic turn, holisticity, mediality, facticity, performativity.Р. 45. Donskova Lyudmila I. Altai State Technical University. SERVICIZATION OF SOCIETY AS PROCESS AND RESULT: RUSSIAN EXPERIENCE. The processes of servicization in economics and society are shown. The peculiarities of servicization in Russia caused by social - cultural transformations are underlined. The results of servicization in Russia reflecting quantitative and qualitative characteristics of service sphere are analyzed. Key words: servicization of Society; Russia.Р. 50. Zolotareva Svetlana A. Kemerovo State University of Arts and Culture. PLACE AND FUNCTION OF PERSONALITY IN THE MODERN INTER-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION. The article reveals the peculiar significance of personality for the modern culture, which is the ability to represent social and cultural values and goals in personal-precedent way in the process of inter-cultural communication, making a certain contribution into forming the conceptual schematics of an acculturized person. Key words: sense; personality; social-cultural values; inter-cultural communication; conceptual scheme; culture representative.Р. 53. Rubtsova Maria V. Sent-Petersburg State University. MANAGEABILITY AS A FUNDAMENTAL CATEGORY OF SOCIOLOGY OF MANAGEMENT. The article is devoted to theoretical prospects of studying of manageability in sociology of management. Manageability is considered as a social phenomenon. The interrelation of manageability with self-organizing and authority is revealed. It is drawn a conclusion, that manageability is the precondition and managements, and self-organizing. Application of authority testifies to crisis of manageability. Key words: sociology of management; manageability; self-organizing; authority.203Р. 58. Hmylev Vladimir L. Tomsk Polytechnic University. MODERN RUSSIA THROUGH THE PRISM OF SIMULACRA CONCEPT. In the article on the analysis Russian reality through the prism of French philosopher J. Baudrillard concept, was made a conclusion about western type evolution of modern Russia. Key words: Simulacra epoch; ideology; politics; modernism; symbol.Р. 65. Tsareva Nadegda A. Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service. THEURGIC CONCEPT OF THE RUSSIAN SYMBOLISM AND POST-MODERNISM DECONSTRUCTION CONCEPT ON WORLD AND INDIVIDUAL TRANSFORMATION. There are no formal signs that post-modernism follows the symbolism ideas and one cannot see the direct connection between them. But these two cultural phenomena are tied by the main points of their concepts. The theurgic concept of the Russian symbolism on transformation of reality is similar to the post-modernism concept on deconstruction of the conventional world, i.e. its transformation. The postmodernism deconstruction concept proves that the symbolism ideas are developing and transforming. Key words: Russian symbolism; postmodernism; tradition; Theurgic Concept; deconstruction concept.Р. 69. Shlyapnikov Sergey E. Tomsk State University. VITAL EXPERTS IN CONDITIONS OF THE URBANISTIC ENVIRONMENT: SPACE - TIME ASPECT. On a concrete, example specificity vital an expert of inhabitants of modern city from the point of view the approach is analysed. Vital experts of the organization of time specific to city dwellers, causing specificity of social activity of the townspeople are revealed and described. Prospects of application темпорального the approach within the limits of social designing are reflected. Keywords: social designing; the urbanistic environment; the individual organization of time; vital experts, semantic differential.CULTUROLOGYР. 72. Batnasan Suhee. Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, Moscow. HISTORICAL AND RELIGIOUS SOURCES OF THE MONGOLIAN THEATRE. The monuments of literature, ancient shamanism, archeological digs and the historical facts which the Mongolia studies dispose of, contain much information about the culture of the ancestors. On the grounds of them one could judge about the rise of the Mongolian theatre from the religious ceremonies. An indissoluble connection of epos, cult music, singing with rhythmic movements in dancing is being traced and this can serve as a premise for the development of these elements into a unique, well fit form giving a later birth to a prototype of the theatre. Key words: historical and religious sources; mongolian theatre.Р. 76. Vitel Elena B. Kostroma State University named after Nekrasov. INTERPRETATION OF THE 20TH CENTURY ART CULTURE CRISIS FROM THE POSITION OF SYSTEM CONFORMITY. Chaotic crisis of the 20th Century art culture state under observation is art viewed by the author as a system conformity of the transition period its characteristic feature is a crash of traditional of art culture and art role. Pulling down of established system of binary oppositions and attempt of forming new pairs of binarities. Key words: the 20th Century art culture; binary oppositions; art system; order; chaos.Р. 79. Galkin Dmitriy V. Tomsk State University. AESTHETICS OF 1950-1960S CYBERNETIC ART: ALGORITHMIC PAINTING AND ROBOTIC SCULPTURE. Article presents historical and aesthetic overview of 1950-1960-s cybernetic art which is still not well known in Russian cultural research and art history. Author focuses on aesthetics of computer graphics (algorithmic painting and computer animation) and robotic sculpture. Evidence of modernist art tradition developed in cybernetic artistic experiments is demonstrated. Key words: cybernetic art; modernism; computer technology; culture.Р. 87. Gevlenko Julia A. Kemerovo State University of Art and Culture. THE SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS OF DANCE. In the article the semiotic analysis in the research of choreography is shown. The specifics of signs of the art communication are defined and the basic elements of dance language are singled out. Key words: semiotics; sign; image; language; choreography.Р. 90. Kulikova Elena E. Sanct-Petersburg Conservatory named after N.A. Rimskiy-Korsakov. PSYCHOLOGICAL PECULIARITIES OF THE PIANO SKILL'S FORMING. There are some wide-spread pedagogical notions about methods of the piano skill's forming exposed to a reconsideration in the article. Using of the knowledge in the sphere of modern psychology gives the possibility to look at some problems of the forming of performing skills in a new fashion, and intensify the process of their producing. Key words: piano technique; forming; performing skills; transporting.Р. 94. Smirnova Elena M. Kazan State Conservatoire. ON TUNING AND MODAL STRUCTURES OF TYUMEN TARTAR FOLK SONGS: TOWARDS THE STUDY OF THE SPECIFIC CHARACTERS OF SIBERIAN TARTAR MUSIC DIALECT. This article explorers the tradition repertoire of Tyumen Tartar local ethnic group, which folk tunes are not investigated by the ethnomusicologists until now. The author compares melodic patterns and modal structures of the melodies Tyumen Tartar folk songs with the songs of the other Tartar ethnic groups. Key words: siberian Tartar; folk songs; ethnomusicology.HISTORYP. 99. Drobchenko Vladimir A. Kemerovo State University. DELEGATES OF TOMSK PROVINCE IN ALL-RUSSIAN CONGRESSES (MARCH, 1917 - NOVEMBER, 1918). The article contained the analysis of representatives of Tomsk province in all-Russian congresses, gives classification of this congresses. The characteristic of delegates have been presented. Key words: delegate; Tomsk; congress.P. 102. Dudayti Albert K. K.L. Khetagurov North Ossetian State University, Vladikavkaz. ORIENTAL POLICY OF FRG AFTER THE ARABIAN-ISRAEL WAR 1973; ATTITUDE TO THE EGYPTIAN-ISRAEL RECONCILIATION. It is investigating the foreign policy activity of the coalition government of SDPG-FDP of West Germany in the Middle East, its role and place in the policy of the European association in this region. It is analyzing the position of West Germany as regards camp-david separate process, it is showed its inconsistency, which has been driving to the complications with the Arabian countries and simultaneously, prevented the output by the west European partners of FRG of the mutual position concerning the question of middle east regulation. Key words: Oriental policy; FRG.P. 109. Kamalova Galina T. South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk. IDEOLOGICAL BASES OF THE SOVIET MODEL OF LAW-ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM BECOMING WITHIN NEW ECONOMIC POLICY. In clause the author considers the importance of ideology204in the life of society, in hardening of the Soviet legal policy regime. The basic stages of the USSR state-legal ideology becoming in the twentieth years are analyzed, a role of law enforcement bodies in achievement of ideological mentality in the Soviet Russia. Key words: Ideology; Soviet Russia; law-enforcement system.Р. 113. Karikh Elizaveta V. Tomsk State University. ECONOMIC CONTACTS OF EVENKI AND RUSSIAN IN THE NORTH IRKUTSK REGION IN THE SECOND QUARTER OF THE 19TH CENTURY. The article includes Evenki and Russian relationship in the Kirensk district in the second quarter of the19th century. Key words: Evenki; Russian relationship.Р. 115. Kuzoro Kristina A. Tomsk State University. RESEARCH TRENDS OF THE OLD BELIEF IN A SYNODAL (CHURCH) HISTORIOGRAPHY OF THE LATE OF THE XIX - EARLY OF THE XX CENTURIES. The article describes researches of the Old Belief by the church historians of the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX centuries. The general scientific basis used by authors is characterized; approaches, according to which the church historians carried out their researches, are described; the results obtained by a Synodal historiography by the beginning of the XX century are pointed out to. Key words: Historical science; Synodal historiography; the Old Belief.Р. 119. Ponomaryov Vladimir A. Yurga Institute of Technology of Tomsk Polytechnic University. ON THE PROBLEM OF ARMENIAN GENOCIDE IN TURKEY AND TRANSCAUCASIA IN THE 19TH - 20TH CENTURIES. The article focuses on the problem of genocide, the most horrible and cruel manifestation of man's ideas, attitude and actions directed against other people. No reasons and arguments can justify genocide, as every person's life is priceless and may not be interrupted. The article studies and analyzes the historic facts of genocide against the Armenian population perpetrated by the Turkish authorities in the 19th - 20th centuries and the leadership of the Soviet Azerbaijan in the late 20th centuries. Key words: Armenia; genocide; Turkey.P. 123. Chertykov Mihail A. N.F. Katanov Khakas State University, Abakan. ETHNO-POLITICAL SITUATION IN TERRITORY OF KHONGORAY AT THE XVII - IN THE BEGINNING OF XVIII CENTURY. There is the semantic analysis of the historical term «Kyrgyz» of Khongoray in the article, and there is given the attribution of the Yenisei Kyrgyz and Kyshtym ethnic groups as elements of Khongoray ethnic system, and also investigated the reasons of the beginning of migrations of population of Khongoray in the beginning of the XVIII century. Key words: Kyrgyz; ethnic group; Siberia.P. 127. Shirokov Marat N. Tomsk State University. THE INITIATIVES OF THE NIXON ADMINISTRATION TOWARDS CHINA AND THE DISCUSSION OF THE CHINESE POLICY IN THE GOVERNMENTAL CIRCLES OF THE USA. In the article analyses the USA policy towards China in the first month of tenure of the Nixon administration. The main attention is focus on the exposure of the reasons and conditions prompting the USA to seek for improvement of relations with China after the two decades of irreconcilable confrontation. One of the prime goals is the analysis of the contents of USA Chinese policy, where the particular significance attach to development and discussion of the Chinese policy by the governmental experts and also the influence of the national security advisor H.Kissinger and president R.Nixon on the forming of the USA policy towards China. Key words: Nixon administration; Chinese policy.LEGALР. 133. Didenko Aleksey N. Tomsk State University. EVOLUTION OF THE DEPUTY'S MANDATE OF A REPRESENTATIVE BODY IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. Under the conditions of Russian political system reforming the question of the development tendencies of the interaction between deputies and electors is arising. In this connection the attempt to define the term «deputy's mandate» is undertaken by the author along with studying of Russian experience in the sphere of application of this institution on different stages of the history of our state system. Key words: parliamentarism; people's representation; mandate of deputy.Р. 137. Pirozhkov Dmitriy V., Mazur Ekaterina S. Tomsk State University. THE IMPORTANCE OF DERMATOGLYPHICS IN MEDICIAL CRIMINALISTICS. The given article provides the research of connections between dermatoglyphic and descriptive signs of appearance based on the materials of complex anthropometric checkup of 2620 men and 380 women including taking fingerprints and palmerprints. Different statictical methods were applied. The revealed connections make it possible to create diagnostic models relating to the identification of a person. Key words: dermatoglyphic; identification of a person.Р. 141. Titov Mihail S. Tomsk State University. THE ROLE OF INTERPOL IN WORK AGAINST OF MONEY LAUNDERING. This article told us about modern objective work different countries in sphere of money laundering, Interpol role and its functions, legal base of its work. Also this article show for us the structure of Interpol. Key words: Interpol; money laundering.Р. 143. Chupryna Polina S. Tomsk State University. СRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY OF MEDICAL WORKERS FOR VIOLATION BY THEM PROFESSIONAL DUTIES. The article deals with the prosecution of medical workers for violating their professional duties, resulting in injury to the patient's health or causing death; explores the notion of «medical errors», «yatrogeniya», «medical worker». Key words: medical error; yatrogeniya; medical worker.ECONOMICSР. 146. Abramov Anatoliy P., Zemcov Anatoliy А., Makarov Andrey I. Tomsk State University. THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL TAX COLLECTION AND COMPUTATION METHODS. The article describes the methods of calculation and collection of individual taxes, namely, tax withholding at a source, self-charge by the declaration, cadastral. The directions of their improvement are proposed. The unification of tax administration process, the receipt of individual income tax in a place of registration of the tax payer, administration improvement of taxes from property sale incomes take an important place among them. Key words: individual taxes; the collection and computation methods.205Р. 151. Voronov Aleksey V., Kazanzeva Maria M. OJSC «Kuzbasspharma», Kemerovo. IMPORTANCE OF THE POLYFUNCTIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL LOGISTICAL COMPLEX FOR THE PROVIDING OF THE REGION WITH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS FOR SOCIALLY SIGNIFICANT PROGRAMMES (KEMEROVO IS AS AN EXAMPLE). Functioning experience of regional pharmaceutical complex in Kemerovo region, which is presented in this article, shows an efficiency of work with centralized purchases and distribution of medicines. Today, owing to this work we have an opportuniy to guarantee one hundred per cent passability of control of medicines, quality, which are intented for social programmes. And also we can optimize providing of consumers with medicines. Key words: logistic; regional logistical complex; medicinal providing; centralized purchase.Р. 156. Gubanov Aleksandr G., Sarovatova Elena A., Omelchenko Irina A. Rostov State Economic University. THE MAIN STAGES IN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN THE FRAMEWORKS OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AT AN INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE.The methods of diagnostics in the sphere of microeconomics are discussed and studied. Perfection of management is impossible without the estimation of the operating system. The essences of main stages of diagnostics are described. Key words: the diagnostics in management system.Р. 161. Panasenkova Tatiana V. Rostov State Economic University. GUIDELINES OF LAND OWNERSHIPS MANAGEMENT AND THEIR MARKET-INSTITUTIONAL SPECIFIC FEATURES. The article deals with looking into procedures of forming and improvement of organizational structures of land ownership relation management. Key words: land ownerships management; municipality; real estate; institutional structures.Р. 166. Peshkova Alexandra А. Rostov State Economic University, Kazakov Vladimir V. Tomsk State University. MODELING OF THE DIAGNOSTICS OF THE ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. The process of making financial managerial decisions must be directed at the elimination of problems both inside and outside the enterprise. That is why the decisive moment for the diagnostics of the enterprise financial management is the systematic approach, which is destined for the regulation of tactical and strategic financial problems. The article shows goals and objectives of the enterprise financial management diagnostics at the subsystem level. Classification of the financial diagnostics methods is formed. Model, principles, mechanism of diagnostics, system of informational support of making decisions for optimizing financial processes at the enterprise are given by the author. Key words: enterprise financial management diagnostics; optimizing financial processes.Р. 172. Porollo Elena V. Rostov State Economic University, Kazakov Vladimir V. Tomsk State University. THE TAXATION CONTROL AND THE TAXATION ADMINISTRATION IN THE SYSTEM OF PRINCIPLES FOR THE EFFICIENT AND RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT OF THE PUBLIC FINANCE. The basic aims of the modern taxation reform in Russia can be defined as achievement of more equitable assessment and general simplification of the fiscal system. At the same time, the system of fiscal administration must provide reduction of expenses for execution of the fiscal legislation for the government as well as for taxpayers. Key words: the taxes; the taxation control; the administration.PSYCHOLOGY AND PEDAGOGICSР. 176. Borisov Ruslan V. Dagestan State University. INTERETHNIC TOLERANCE IN THE NORTH CAUCASUS: REALITY AND PERSPECTIVES. The article deals with the problem of interethnic relationships in the North Caucasus today and their possible development in perspective. The investigation has been undertaken on the example of one the North Caucasus regions - the Republic of Dagestan. Key words: multicultural society; multicultural educational space; interethnic tolerance.Р. 183. Karakulova Olga V. Tomsk State University. PROPENSITY TO MANIPULATION BY OTHER PEOPLE OF YOUTH AS PROBLEM OF DEVELOPMENT «RIGIDITY TYPE OF PERSON». In this article the typical peculiarities propensity to manipulation by other people of youth 16-23 years old. We made research of person`s qualities such as persistence, distrustfulness, straightforwardness, uneasiness, fear before new situations, unwillingness to change own habits or directions. It is possible that peculiarities propensity to manipulation by other people is one of the variants «rigidity type of person». Machiavellianizm can become behavior of manipulation. Key words: propensity to manipulation by other people; youth; «rigidity type of person».Р. 187. Kurbonowa Galina N. Khakas state university named after N.F. Katanov. THEORY AND PRACTICE OF INTEGRATION OF MUSICAL-RENDERING DISCIPLINES IN PROCESS OF TRAINING FOR FUTURE MUSIC TEACHER. The specific character of the ways of rendering predetermined strictly specialized approach of teaching disciplines in institute of higher education, that prevent the future music teacher to realize deep relationship of music rendering. This course has integration character. The integration of musical-rendering disciplines by the method of accession from abstract to concrete is realized by the retracing how the fundamental nature of artistic activity represented itself in different periods of formation and development of music rendering. Key words: Integration; artistic thought; artistic activity; dialectics of artistic time and intonation.Р. 190. Lebedinskaya Svetlana V. Khakas state university named after N.F. Katanov. RESEARCH OF TRANSCOMMUNICATIVEPROCESSES IS IN A REFLECTION METAPHOR. The article presents principles of transcommunicative analisis of metaphor. The basicconception of our research is Communication Model of V.I. Kabrin. The author describes the dynamics of transcommunicative displays in ametaphor.Key words: metaphor; transcommunication; arkhetip; reflection; training process.Р. 194. Khlyzova Irina V. South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk. APPROBATION OF THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS MODEL ARE DIRECTED ON BECOMING OF THE FUTURE MANAGERS READINESS TO RALLYING OF THE PERSONNEL. In article are submitted and analyzed results of the educational process model approbation. That proses are directed on becoming of the future managers readiness to rallying of the personnel which have confirmed efficiency. Key words: readiness of the future managers for rallying the personnel.206

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