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SUMMARIES OF THE ARTICLES IN ENGLISH.pdf Р. 7. Abdullina Gulfira R. Sterhtamak State Pedagogical Academy. CATEGORY OF NON-FINITE FORMS OF THE VERB INTHE BASHKIR LANGUAGE. The given article describes non-finite forms of the Verb (or Verbals) of the Bashkir language. The main characteristic feature of the Verbals is their incapability to distinguish person, number or mood. In modern Bashkir the following Verbals are distinguished: the Action, the Indefinite Participle, the Perfect Participle, the Infinitive each possessing its grammatical characteristics. Special attention is paid to the syntactic functions of all above mentioned forms. The consistent comparison of the analogous language units of the Bashkir language and cognate Turkic languages is carried out. Key words: non-finite forms of the Verb; the Action; the Indefinite Participle; the Perfect Participle.P. 14. Kazakova Irina B. Samara State Pedagogical University. NEOPLATONIC MOTIVES IN HOLDERLIN'S «HYPERION».The article is devoted to the question of Neoplatonic philosophy's influence on German romanticist Holderlin's work. Special consideration is given the Neoplatonic problems in the novel «Hyperion» and some theoretical work of this writer's. The author come to the conclusion that Holderlin renders main elements of Neoplatonic system in his novel. Key words: Holderlin; German romanticism; Neoplatonism.P. 22. Moisseeva Sofia A., Voloshkina Inessa A. Belgorod State University. FRENCH NATIONAL CHARACTER IN THE MIRROR OF THE PHRASEOLOGY. The aim of this article is to analyze the specific verbalization of French national character by phraseological means, to reveal the peculiarities of the correlation between French national mentality, culture and language; the phraseological picture of the world is considered to be the result of the cognitive comprehension of the reflected reality. Key words: French national character; national mentality; phraseological unit; phraseological picture of the world; image.P. 30. Pevneva Irina V. Kemerovo Branch of Russian State University of Trade and Economics. THE SPECIFICS OF COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES REALIZATION IN CONFRONTATIONAL DISCOURSE SITUATIONS. The article is devoted to the research of preference of cooperation, confrontation and neutral strategies in course of communication in the conflict discourse situations. The basic culture justified grounds for the choice of Russian and American communication behavior are viewed, which found proof in the empirical experiment. Key words: communication behavior; conflict; confrontational discourse.P. 32. Hazankovich Julia G. M.K. Ammossov Yakut State University. MYFHOLOGY OF THE NOVEL OF EREMEY AIPIN'S «HUNTS, OR THE STAR OF THE MORNING DAWN». In the article the functioning of folklore citations, allusions, reminiscences in stylistic system of the E.Ajpin's novel «Hunts, or the Star of the Morning Dawn» is considered. Vivid existence of the folklore in culture of hunts defines the originality of the mythological citation in the novel in many respects: it functions in the author's text as a architypical semantic code. Moreover, the E. Ajpin's folklore citation has constructive character: the borrowed elements act as «units» of semantic and composite structure of the novel. Key words: mythology; folklore; citation; culture.P. 36. Yanushkevich Irina F. Volgograd State University. THE SEMIOTIC SPACE OF ANGLO-SAXON TRADING. An attempt has been made to trace the dynamics of semiotic, lingual and discourse denominations of the Anglo-Saxons trading as described in the Anglo-Saxon dictionary and texts. The whole range of denotative means is studied in which lexical nominations acquire the status of linguistic markers of the social situations of the past. Key words: Anglo-Saxons; trading; lingual denominations.PHILOSOPHY, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCESP. 42. Bondarenko Lubov F. Gorno-Altaisk State University. THE EXPERIENCE OF THE AUTHENTIC PHILOSOPHICAL REFLEKTION OF THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CULTURE IN THE RUSSIAN RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITION. The article deals with the problem of the authentic philosophic reflection of the Russian Orthodox culture. An analysis of the Russian religious and philosophical thought reveals an integral vision of this culture and enables us to stress such dimensions of it as ecclesiasticism, soteriological and eschatological orientation, primacy of absolute values, ontological symbolism, national and patriotic structure of consiousness. Key words: Orthodox Culture; Russian Religious Philosophy.P. 47. Borisov Evgeny V. Tomsk State University. PROJECTTVITY OF MEANING: INTERACTION BETWEEN INTENSIONAND EXTENSION OF NAMES. The subject of the article is projective character of meaning. It is shown that thematizing projectivity of meaning allows to solve some problems descriptive and causal theories of meaning are faced with. Key words: meaning; name; projectivity; intension; extension; incomplete definiteness; defining.P. 51. Borovkova Olga V. Rubsovsk Industrial Institute. TOPICS IS ESCALATION OF CLAIMS. In a period of formation of social and humanity sciences' methodology the topics - method of informal argument can be an effective mean of investigation in this fild. This method wasdeveloped by Aristotle and during the history of philosophical idea it is constantly changing both in contents and in its status. In this article the history of topics is investigated and the attempts to identify its object are made. Key words: topics, topos, dialogue, argument.220P. 57. Bykov Roman A. Tomsk State Umversity. PARA SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS AS A PHENOMENON OF MODERNSOCIETY. This article is devoted to consideration of para scientific organizations as a modern social phenomenon. It aims to describe, to analyze, to mark out the specific characteristics of such organizations, as well as to indicate the reasons for it's origin and social consequences of it's activity. The article also contains the analysis of ways, using which this phenomenon corresponds with religion and science. Key words: parascience; quasireligion; parascientific organizations.P. 61. Kornev Vacheslaw V. Altay State University, Barnaul. THEME FOR DAILY OCCURRENCE PHILOSOPHY: THESUPERMARKET. In article some aspects of philosophical understanding of daily occurrence are defined, daily occurrence definition as specific form of modern consciousness is made. As the practical appendix to this approach, author analyze private expression of a phenomenon of daily occurrence - a supermarket In the end of article author do a conclusion that basic «purchase2 in a supermarket is a illusion of a free choice. Key words: everyday life; culture; supermarket; ideology.P. 64. Pokrovskaya Elena M. Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics. WITTGENSTEIN'S CONCEPTUAL PARADIGM IN THE CONTEXT OF VERBAL COMMUNICATION BY IMPLEMENTATION OF THE EFFICIENT INTERACTION PROCESS. «Language play» is a concept and a model of verbal communication consideration. It can be regarded as a model of communication activity, reflecting sociocultural language aspect and comprehension. It shows interconnection of linguistic and non-linguistic people's activities. Language usage rules, determined by a community, are presented in the mentality of corresponding groups or nations. So, the problem of «following the rule» is a problem of recognition the rules, varying «the play» as well as applying these rules practically in the new environment, being guided by mental patterns of interlocutors. Key words: «language play»; «following the rule»; «pattern of universe»; problem of interpretation, readiness to interaction.P. 68. Tarabanov Nikolai A. Tomsk State University. THE PROBLEM OF REALISM AND THE EPISTEMOLOGICAL NEUTRALITY OF TRUTH'S MINIMALIST CONCEPT. In the article the exposition of the problem concerning an existence of unobservable theoretical facts is given and the question on opportunity of its decision is considered in the minimalism of P. Horwich, which fixes an epistemological neutrality of the truth's problems in relation to the realism/antirealism debate. Key words: realism; antirealism; truth; minimalism.CULTUROLOGYP. 72. Vazhova Yekaterina V. Byisk State Pedagogical University. THE ORIGINAL MOTIVES OF GENRE CONVEYED BY THE WORKS OF A LANDSCAPE PAINTER N.I. CHEVALKOV AS THE INTERPRETATION OF THE NATIONAL TRADITIONS OF THE ALTAI PEOPLE. The paintings of Altai artist N.I. Chevalkov represent a constant striving for understanding a person's nature and expressing admiration for the world. They reflect an optimistic perception of life, the national spirit of the Altai people and their main peculiarity - the inseparable connection with nature, the careful use of it and their meditative experience. The pictures of N.I. Chevalkov can be regarded as invaluable works of art. Key words: the paintings; N.I. Chevalkov; the national spirit of the Altai people; the inseparable connection with nature.P. 75. Eliner Ilia G. Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. MULTIMEDIA CULTURE PHENOMENON. In the article the author observes the interaction between two complicated open and flexible systems - society and multimedia culture. He reveals the characteristics of multimedia culture phenomenon in relation to time (postmodernism) and place (innovative cultures of developed postindustrial societies). The author also examines inner system-constituting factors of multimedia culture such as structure, functions and denotation, and outer system-constituting factors which determine dynamics of development such as politics, economics, ideology and scientific-technical achievements. Key words: society; multimedia culture phenomenon; innovative cultures.P. 80. Savelova Evgenia V. Far Eastern State University of Humanities, Khabarovsk. MYTH AND SOCIAL REALITY: SOCIAL AND COMMUNICATIVE PARADIGM OF INTERPRETATION. This paper reveals the complex of ideas, connected with social and communicative interpretation of interaction between myth as one of universal cultural forms and social reality. Key words: myth; social reality; communication; interpretation.P. 84. Tikhonova Evgeniya P. Tomsk State University. XXth-XXIst CENTURIES ARE THE TIME OF A GLOBAL SOCIO-CULTURAL CRISES. Given paper focuses on research of modern time global problems .The XX-XXIst centuries are the time of socio-cultural crisis. It is reasons are: 1) world outlook primitiveness (cult of positivism and supermaterialism); 2) science supremasy and subjugation of man with technique. Key words: Crisis; science; modern culture; technique.HISTORYP. 88. Volcho Ekaterina V. Novosibirsk State Academy of Water Transport. CAMPAIGNS AT 8 MARCH IN 1930th YEARS IN THE CITIES OF THE WESTERN SIBERIA. Campaigns at 8 March in 1930th years in the cities of the Western Siberia on the basis of archival materials are considered. Key words: 8 March; Western Siberia.P. 92. Kalashnikova Vera V Buryat State University, Ulan-Ude. THE ETHNIC INTERACTION IN BURYATIA IN A MODERNHISTORIOGRAPHY. The ethnic interaction, the national attitude is actual. In article the author investigations and analyzes the historical literature on studing ethnic interaction in Buryatiya in period of 1990 to 2006. Key words: ethnic interaction; national attitude.221P. 95. Kapustina Yana V. Tomsk State University. CULTURAL LIFE OF KRASNOYARSK IN CIVIL WAR. Basic tendencies of cultural life in Krasnoyarsk in 1918-1920 years: holidays and entertainments; the work of a theatre, picture palaces, art exhibitions and a circus; state of municipal libraries and a museum; different sport competitions have described in the article. Key words: cultural life; civil war; Krasnoyarsk.P. 98. Koroleva Tatiana M. Bratsk Branch of Irkutsk State University. THE NORMATIVE AND LEGAL FOUNDATION OF THE STATE YOUTH POLICY FROM 1960S TILL 1980S. The article is dedicated to the legal aspects of state youth policy of the Soviet Union which was guided by Komsomol. The author analyzes the necessary development of the state youth policy and correction of legislative basis of the youth policy. Key words: youth policy; state.P. 101. Pichuev Aleksey N. Federal Correctional Services, Yaroslavl Region. RUSSIAN COUNTY COURT OF JUSTICE IN 1866-1917 (ON DATA OF YAROSLAVL REGION). The article shows that for the most of the period after the reform of 1861 in imperial Russia was actively under construction in the sphere of justice. The author does the analysis of administer justice in local level (establishment of grand jury of 1864, the statistics of age and social position of law-breakers, ect). Key words: county court; justice.P. 105. Timoshenko Aleksey G. Tomsk State University. «RUBICON» OF PRESIDENT L. JOHNSON US ADMINISTRATION'S DECISION-MAKING TO INITIATE MILITARY ACTIONS IN VIETNAM (1964 - JULY 1965). The article contains analysis of Lyndon Johnson administration's Vietnam policy. 1964-first half of 1965 was the time for elaboration of plans for expansion of military involvement. Various approaches to the solution of Vietnam problem are described. As a result of the intensive consideration of different military and political proposals the final decision was made to start bombing campaign against North Vietnam and landing of American troops to South Vietnam. Key words: Vietnam; USA; L. Johnson Administration; escalation; war.P. 113. Khudoleev Aleksey N. Kuzbas State Pedagogical Academy, Novokuznetsk. THE STUDING OF REVOLUTIONARY THEORY OF P.N. TKACHEV IN THE DOMESTIC HISTORIOGRAPHY 1880 - THE BEGINNING OF 1900-TH. The article is devoted to a problem of studying of the revolutionary theory of P.N. Tkachev in a pre-revolutionary historiography. In her estimations of sights of Tkachev are considered by the researchers belonging to radical and liberal directions of public idea. In a result it is judged that the characteristic of the revolutionary theory of Tkachev during the specified period was brief and did not settle essence of an ideological heritage of this thinker. Key words: revolutionary theory; P.N. Tkachev.P. 116. Chapurina Viktoria A. Nizhnevartovsk State University for the Humanities. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE WOMEN'S PENAL BATTALIONS WHICH WERE FORMED IN THE YEARS OF THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR The article is devoted to the problem of the women's penal battalions. The present question is on ordinary historical «blank space» due to the limited sources. Key words: war; women; penal battalions.ECONOMICSP. 118. Abramov Anatoliy P., Zemcov Anatoliy A., Makarov Andrey I. Tomsk State University. THE INDIVIDUAL TAX ADMINISTRATION UPDATING. The significant change of individual tax administration process is proposed in the article. The concept of the individual income assessment account is entered. The organization of account functioning in a financial system is considered. Key words: individual taxes; the tax administration.P. 124. Bedrina Marina V. Altay State University, Barnaul. INTERFIRMS RELATIONSHIPS VALUE OF THE INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE AS A SOURCE OF ITS COMPETITIVENESS. The initial idea of this article is the assumption that interfirms interactions creates value for both sides involved, as they improve competitiveness. We consider the capability of the enterprise to manage relationships as the key factor allowing to take value from relationships and more effectively managing them, increasing the competitiveness. We offered to use the concept of the Balanced Scorecard as a basis of the relationships' management. Key words: competitiveness; relationships value; Balanced Scorecard.P. 128. Budaeva Maria S. Baikal State University of Economics and Low. ALGORITHM OF CREATION OF DESIGN PROCEDURES OF PAYMENTS UNDER THE CREDIT AND THE LEASING, THE CORRECTING FACTORS CONSTRUCTED ON APPLICATION. Given clause is devoted to creation of algorithm of design procedures of payments under the credit and the leasing, the correcting factors constructed on application, both at credit, and at leasing forms of financing. Use of the given algorithms will allow to analyze variants of financing by means of leasing and bank schemes and to correct most expedient of them.Key words: algorithm of design procedures of payments; payments under the credit and leasing; the credit form of financing; the leasing form of financing.P. 131. Vazarkhanov Islam S. Grozny State Oil Institute. CONCEPTUAL BASIS OF TAXATION QUALITY. Taxation quality is one the most important characteristics of institutionalization of the civil society functioning on legitimate legal basis. Servicing conception as anti-criminal and anti-corruption measure in the management process is rather laconic - if everything is known nothing should be concealed. Conception of taxation service provides for modernization of taxation environment in particular working out the system of quality, developing of standard procedures and requirements, providing the high level of taxpayers servicing. Key words: restructure of taxation agencies; developing of taxation culture of the population; efficient taxation technologies.222P. 135. Guzenko Anna V. Rostov State University of Railway Engineering. DEVELOPMENT OF THE CITY PASSENGER TRANSPORT OF METROPOLIS: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS. The effective functioning of the city passenger transport is important for development of social and productive and economic sphere of any city. The growth and development of the city causes the increasing of loading public transport and leads to problems connected with transport service. The effective organization of management of the city passenger transport should be focused on the interests of the transport companies and increasing the degree of transport service quality. Key words: the city passenger transport; passenger traffic; automobilization.P. 139. Kuskasheva Irina N. N.F. Katanov Khakas State University, Abakan. THE ROLE OF CREDIT MARKET ЕЧ THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BANK SECTOR ЕЧ THE REPUBLIC OF KHAKASIA The market of credit is a dynamically developing segment of the bank market. The structure of the bank market is conditioned by its specific character and functions in the country's economy. The role of the credit market is displayed so that with the help of credit relations interaction between commercial banks and borrowers is realized. This aspect is a prioritive direction of the development of the bank sector & it proves the actuality of research of this problem. Key words: bank sector; market of giving credit; functions; economy; credit operations.P. 142. Polubotko Anna A. Rostov State Economic University. RELIABILITY AND QUALITY OF ENERGY DELIVERIES -CATEGORIES OF LOGISTIC SYSTEM EFFECTIVENESS. Management based on the principle of logistic approach for the development of electric power system provides adequate mobile connection of enterprise with the subjects of external environment and corresponding system organization its internal environment. Qualitative differentiation of logistic system of electric power complex depends on reliability all parts of the system. Key words: electric power system; logistic processes; reliability; management structure.P. 147. Rodionova Natalia D., Kazakov Vladimir V. Rostov State Economic University; Tomsk State University. INSTITUTIONAL-ECONOMIC PRECONDITIONS OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC POLICY OF THE REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Setting up interconnections and dependences among all elements of the regional system, providing effective development of regional economy and economic growth of public welfare is indispensable part of socio-economic development of the region. The problem of regional management development demands the development of corresponding provisions to expose the strategies of main sources of living space on every territory - subjects of regional policies represented by the state government bodies and local authorities as well as the bodies representing the industry. Key words: socio-economic policy of regional development; economic growth; regional reproduction.P. 151. Khloptsov Dmitriy M. Tomsk State University. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS FOR SUPPLY OF LAND AND LANDTURNOVER IN RUSSIA AND GERMANY. Neo-liberal approach to a regulation in the economy and land privatization brought the citizens of Russia to awareness the opportunity of the development of private land property and it's free purchase and sale. In this article there is a research of supply of land and land turnover in Russia comparative and structural analysis of the land situation in Russia and Germany is provided. Key words: land property; land turnover.PSYCHOLOGY AND PEDAGOGICSP. 154 . Vorozhko Uri V., Pariygina Elena A. Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports, Omsk. THE HISTORY OF THE SPORTING SCIENCE IN THE NEWEST HISTORIC HISTORIOGRAPHICS: PECULIARITIES AND PROBLEMS OF DEVELOPMENT. The revealing by the authors the peculiarities of the problems and tendencies of the historic development of the sporting science in this country in the newest Russian historiographies helps to define the ways of sport's system's perfecting as a system, all these let improving the results of the modern scientific researches in the sphere of physical culture and sport. Key words: history, historiographies, sporting science, physical culture, sport.P. 159. Zhuravleva Liudmila V. Foundation for the Arts and Humanities, Surgut. EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT: THE NOTION ANDUSER'S VALUE. In the article the concept «educational product» is contemplated in all its aspect. Educational product of any institution exerts influence on the whole educational process, its stages and aspects. The author describes the stages of educational product development and thirteen its parameters. The author considers necessary to study the concept «educational product» as an interdisciplinary phenomenon, at least from pedagogical, economical and social positions. Key words: «educational product»; stages; aspects; parameters.P. 164. Kolchikova N.L. N.F. Katanov Khakas State University, Abakan. ETHNOCULTURAL ASPECT OF LITERARY EDUCATION IN THE SCHOOLS OF THE REPUBLIC OF KHAKASIA. The article deals with the ethnocultural aspect of literary education in the schools of the Republic of Khakasia. In this article the importance of the use of the ethnocultural aspect in teaching of literature in the national school. Key words: ethnocultural; methodology; principles; dialogue; world Building.P. 167. Semenova Elena A. Irkutsk State Technical University. EDUCATIONAL SPACE AND ITS ROLE IN BECOMING PROFESSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS. In article the theoretical analysis of the basic approaches to a problem of becoming of professional consciousness in educational space of an educational institution is given, definitions of concepts «educational space», «theoretical and practical training», «research activity» are given. Features and the contents of the basically structural spaces educational space of high school are opened. Key words: professional consciousness; educational space; theoretical and practical training; nonlearning activity.P. 174. Shaturnaya Elena A. Tomsk State University. PROFESSIONAL DISCOURSE AS THE SUBJECT OF STUDYING IN A«NON-LANGUAGE INSTITUTE». The article deals with the subject of teaching foreign languages for professional communication223in a «non-language» institute from discourse point of view. It stresses the importance of specialist foreign language knowledge by professionals in all spheres. The definition of «discourse» as given by different researchers is examined in the article, as well as its main characteristics and its place and role in the theoretical and practical teaching of foreign languages. The article also gives definition of specialist professional discourse and proves its importance in teaching foreign languages for professional verbal communication. Key words: discourse; professional communication; particular speciality; communicative competence.BIOLOGYP. 177. Bushov Yuriy V., Svetlik Mihail V., Krutenkova Elena P. Tomsk State University. CORRELATION OF GAMMA-OSCILLATIONS WITH LEVEL OF INTELLECT AND ACCURACY OF TIME PERCEPTION. Correlation between intelligent index and accuracy of time perception with cortical interaction level was found. It has been stated, that character of these interactions for males and females is different, and it depends on state of person, gamma-rhythm band frequency and scaling method of time interval. The findings permits of suppose, that personal difference of the level of the intellect and accuracy of time perception can be connected with different neurons ability to functional connecting by synchronization their activity in gamma frequency band. Key word: intellect; gamma activity; cortical interaction; time perception.P. 184. Gurkova Evgenia A. Tuvinian Institute of Complex Development of Natural Resources, Siberian Branch of the RAS. SPECIFICITY OF INTERNAL STRUCTURE OF RING ZONALITIES' ELEMENTS OF SOIL COVER IN THE CENTRAL-TUVA HOLLOW. Segment structure of ring zonalities' elements of soil cover as result of spatial differentiation of priority factors of soil formation is considered in this article. Key words: ring zonality; segment structure; strip structure; complex of factor.P. 188. Zakharikhina Lalita V. Geotechnological Scientific Research Center, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky THE ROLE OF VOLCANIC ASHES IN A FORMATION OF GEOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF SOILS AND PLANTS IN THE CONDITIONS OF CURRENT VOLCANISM (BY THE EXAMPLE OF KAMCHATKA) Bythe example of the territory nearby Karymsky volcano which is constantly active (eastern coast of Kamchatka) it was shown that volcanic soils even within the zone of current explosive volcanism lack for a total content of microelements and enrich with their soluble forms. Soluble forms come with ashes during volcanic eruptions; they pass into subterranean and surface waters in a dissolved form extremely fast and cause rich sol composition of the vegetation and high concentrations of movable microelements in the soils. Key words: Volcanoes; microelements; soils; plants.P. 195. Petruk Anastasia A., Baikov Konstantin S. Central Siberian Botanical Garden, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences; Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. CHOROLOGY OF GENUS SALIX (SUBGENUS CHAMAETIA, SALICACEAE) IN THE FLORA OF ASIATIC RUSSIA Chorology of Salix species from subgenus Chamaetia in the flora of Asiatic Russia is considered. The main features of species distribution in floristic regions are revealed and described. Key words: Salix, subgenus Chamaetia; flora; Asiatic Russia; endemic species; floristic province.P. 199. Chabanenko Elena V. Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Siberian Zoological Museum REVIEW OF WEEVIL FAUNA OF SUBFAMILY LIXINAE (COLEOPTERA, CURCULIONIDAE)FROM STEPPES OF SOUTH SIBERIA. 117 species from 21 genera of subfamily Lixinae have been revealed in fauna of Buryatia. Tribe Cleonini is a majority in fauna. Species of the genus Stephanocleonus are the most numerous. The South Siberian fauna is non-uniform. It is subdivided into three groups: Western-Siberian, Middle Siberian and Transbaikalian steppes. Key words: Coleoptera; Curculionidae; Lixinae; mountains of South Siberia; steppe.P. 204. Shivtsova Irina V. Mari State University, Yoshkar-Ola. POLYVARIANCE OF THE PACE OF DEVELOPMENT OF FRAGARLA VESCA L. IN NATURAL PHYTOCENOSES AND PLANTING. Polyvariance of the pace of development of the sorts of Fragaria vesca L. are examined in the work. It is for the first time that the dynamic pace of development of the wild strawberry is described on the base of not only biological age (of planting), but also conditional age (of natural cenopopulations). In the cenopopulations of the wild strawberry the classes of development and the variants of their ontogenesis are shown. Key words: F. vesca; sort; poly variance; classes of development.SCIENCES ABOUT EARTHP. 209. Popov Lev N., Krakovetsky Juriy K., Zacharenko Vladimir N., Parnachev Valeriy P., Odincov Nikolay M. Tomsk State University ABOUT THE NEW DISTANT METHOD OF IONOSPHERIC-TELLURIC PROFILING AND PREDICTING OF OIL-AND-GAS-BEARING STRUCTURES. The authors suggest the innovation method for revealing and predicting of oil-and-gas-bearing structures on the right-bank area of the Ob-river. Scientific investigations on the joint of geology, geophysics, ionosperic and magneto spheric physics, radiophysics and atmospheric optics are used in this method. The effect of the connection between electromagnetic characteristics of the Earth's crust, atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere lies in the base of the suggested method (reactivity telluric currents in the Earth's crust). The method is distant and environmentally appropriate. It allows to investigate the area of 300-400 km in diameter from a single point, covering more than 70 000 square kilometres.Key words: ionosperic and magneto spheric physics; electromagnetic radiations; ionospheric-telluric profiling; predictive map of oil-and-gas-bearing structures.P. 212. Raskovalov Dmitriy U. Tomsk Polytechnic University. REFLECTION OF OIL AND GAS AREAS IN THE REGIONAL MAGNETIC FIELD OF WESTERN SIBERIA. Analysis of the regional magnetic field and localization of oil and gas fields in West-Siberian oil and gas areas has revealed that deep geological structures play one of the major roles in the localization of oil and gas fields. Key words: magnetic field; deep structures; oil and gas fields.

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