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UMMARIES OF THE ARTICLES IN ENGLISH.pdf PHILOLOGYР. 7. Andreyeva Alexandra Ye. Tomsk State University. THE MEETING-PARTING SITUATION IN V. NABOKOV'S SHORT STORIES («THE DOORBELL» AND «THE REUNION»). The meeting-parting situation with consanguinity complication in V. Nabokov's early short stories is analysed in this article. Short stories are researched from the aspects of socio-historical destiny of first Russian emigration and existential choice of the heroes of the stories. Keywords: Nabokov; short stories; emigration.Р. 11. Bakhnova Yuliya A. Tomsk Pedagogical University. O. WILDE'S «SPHINX» IN N. GUMILEV'S TRANSLATION. This article presents the results of linguistic-stylistic analysis of O. Wilde's poem «The Sphinx» and its translation by N. Gumilev. Special attention is paid to the figurativeness, phonetic expressiveness and rhythmical-intonational organisation of the masterpieces. We studied Gumilev's translation principles, closeness of the attitude and poetics of both the authors, which stipulated the mastery of this translation. Key words: poem; sphinx; translation.Р. 15. Vinnikova Tatiana A. Omsk State Technical University. STRUCTURAL ORGANISATION OF THE MOTION PICTURE FEATURES (ON THE BASIS OF THE FILM «THE QUEEN»). The article deals with the question of the motion picture structural characteristics. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the film text semiotic features, the text being considered to unite heterogeneous sign systems in the unified graphical and semantic space. Key words: рoly-code; poly-modal; film text.Р. 18. Yermolenkina Larisa I. Tomsk State Pedagogical University. DIALOGUE AS A DISCOURSE-GENERATING FACTOR OF INFORMATION RADIO. Communicative means of discourse organisation of information radio are discussed in the article. Аs a primary mechanism of discourse structuring, dialogue is analysed through such a characteristic of intersubjective communication as dialogism. Key words: discourse; information radio; dialogue.Р. 25. Krenzholek Olga S. The Jan Kochanowski University of Humanities and Sciences (Kielce, Poland). IN SEARCH OF MYSTERY: SYMBOLS OF HARMONY AND SIMPLICITY IN THE WORKS OF I.S. TURGENEV. The article deals with symbolic forms of expressing spirituality in the works of I.S. Turgenev. Considering the short story «Living Relics», the mechanism of transforming conceptual ideas of piety and holiness into real artistic images is shown. The mechanism is quite creative to reveal forms and means of realistic symbolisation and ways of projecting it onto the philosophical and religious background of the epoch. Key words: spirituality; symbol; harmony; simplicity.PHILOSOPHY, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCESР. 30. Gorokhov Andrey A. Altai State University (Barnaul). THE PROBLEM OF NATIONAL CULTURE IN SOCIAL-PHILOSOPHICAL VIEWS OF K.N. LEONTIEV. In this article the author considers social-philosophical ideas of K.N. Leontiev, a Russian conservative of the 19th century. These ideas and views concern national culture, social and political significance of culture. The article also describes approaches of different ideological trends (conservatism, liberalism, socialism) to national cultural heritage. Key words: Russian conservatism; national culture; nationality; education.Р. 33. Degtyaryova Tatiana N. Novosibirsk State Technical University. VOCATIONAL TRAINING OF DISABLED PERSONS IN THE CONDITIONS OF ENTRY INTO THE BOLOGNA PROCESS: SOCIOLOGICAL ASPECT. The article is devoted to the question of vocational training of disabled persons when Russian high schools are entering the uniform educational space. The necessary conditions of availability of higher education for disabled people are described. Key words: system of special vocational training of disabled persons; education space; rehabilitation process.Р. 37. Kruglova Inna N. Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk). THE PERSON ON «THE CROSSING OF THE WORLDS»: F. HÖLDERLIN AND S. WEIL - METAMORPHOSES OF THE SACRAL. By analysing the sources of the concept «sacral» in the works of F. Hölderlin, a German poet, and in the works of S. Weil, a researcher of ancient art, the author studies the forms of interaction of «the sacred» and «the human» in the European culture. Key words: the person; gods; change; sacral; a victim; destiny; force; temptation; fault; war; punishment; concealment.Р. 43. Leontyeva Elvira O. Pacific National University (Khabarovsk). DAILY COMMUNICATIONS AND CORRUPTION IN UNIVERSITY'S INFORMAL SPACE. We analyse informal communications between the basic social groups in higher school and show how the corruption is integrated in this space. We consider interactions between these groups by using the theoretical model of informal space where all connections are arranged by two parameters: the motive direction and the dominant character of communication. Key words: higher education; informal practices; corruption; daily occurrence.Р. 49. Sizova Natalya Z. Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building. FROM SOCIAL TO SOCIAL AND CULTURAL STRUCTURE OF THE SOCIETY: HISTORICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW. Traditionally, in social philosophy the problem of explication of the concept «social structure of the society» has been urgent. Historical and philosophical review of the society structure concepts allows considering the significance of culture-based criteria on the basis of the element composition of the social220structure. That brings us to the conclusion of incompleteness of the concept «social structure of the society» and a possibility of introduction of a new concept - «social and cultural structure of the society». Key words: social structure of society; social and cultural structure of society; the intellectuals.CULTUROLOGYР. 52. Galkin Dmitry V. Tomsk State University. SOUND BORN FROM NUMBERS, CYBER-THEATRE AND COMPUTER-POETRY: AESTHETICS OF THE RANDOM IN CYBERNETIC ART OF 1950-1960S. The author analyses history and aesthetics of 1950-60s cybernetic art that still have insufficient attention in cultural studies. The problem of controversial aesthetic claims of technological (over)determination (cybernetic computer control) and the search for objective accident (chaos, entropy) are discussed using the material of computer music, cyber-theatre and automatic poetry. Key words: cybernetic art; modernism; computer technology; culture.Р. 59. Nikitina Yuliya A. Tomsk Polytechnic University. NEW RATIONALITY AND CO-EVOLUTIONARY-INNOVATIVE STRATEGY OF HUMANITY. The peculiarities of the crisis of the recent rationality concept are analysed in the article. It is shown that it is rationality based on new ethics is able to become a foundation of the co-evolutionary-innovative strategy of humanity. Key words: сo-evolutionary; rationality; system crisis; new ethics; co-evolutionary-innovative strategy.Р. 62. Odegova Olga V. Tomsk State University. BOUNDARIES TRANSPARENCY IN COMMUNICATION SPHERE IN THE GLOBALISATION EPOCH. The article addresses the phenomenon of globalisation in the terms of scientific approach and analyses both pros and cons of boundaries transparency in the context of collision between globalisation and national identity. The article comprises relevant examples, revealing the flood of borrowed English words into the Russian language, provides a number of response measures to retain a native language and possible ways of resolution of the conflict interaction between global culture and the identity of the nation. Key words: boundaries transparency; communicative competence; collision between globalisation and national identity; English loanwords intrusion; preservation of a native language.Р. 65. Ostapenko Svetlana S. Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University. ALTAR IN ICONOGRAPHY OF ST. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. The characteristic iconography of St. Archangel Michael, which was established in Siberia and the Urals in the 18th - 19th centuries and became the distinctive feature of the local icon-painting trade, had not been observed in the artefacts of the Byzantine and Ancient Russian arts before the 16th century. The findings define more accurately the historical, theological, and spiritual meanings of St. Archangel Michael icons. Key words: iconography; St. Archangel Michael; Altar.Р. 69. Chircova Natalya V. Tomsk Polytechnic University. STRATEGICAL DIRECTIONS OF MODERN PEDAGOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY. There are new cultural and anthropological characteristic features as fundamental strategy directions of modern pedagogics. The traditional concept of a consistent and stable person does not correspond to the innovation development. This person does not have a flexible mind and cannot make non-standard decisions and can not find solutions in the situations of uncertainty. This person cannot risk in his/her activity and behaviour. The author calls these characteristic features as a fundamental direction in the development of modern pedagogical anthropology.Key words: society of knowledge; new anthropological type; flexible mind; non-standard decisions; situations of uncertainty; a risk; the adaptation as strategy of a behaviour; pedagogics as techniques; pedagogics as anthropology; knowledge as information.HISTORYР. 73. Veremchuk Lyudmila P. East Kazakhstan State University (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan). TWO FRENCH HISTORIANS' ASSESSMENT OF LOMENIE DE BRIENNE REFORM. The article gives a comparative analysis of two French historians', A. de Tocqueville and F. Furet's, assessment of the reform activity of the Old order monarchy on the eve of the Great French revolution. The reform concepts they created practically coincide, but at the same time differ fundamentally. This difference analysis and the motives exposure create the prerequisites for the adequate studying of the phenomenon. Key wоrds: A. de Tocqueville; historians' concept; reforms.Р. 75. Lyapkova Anna A. Tomsk State University. THE RASKOLNIKS POLICY IN RUSSIA OF 18 CENTURY (ON THE BASIS OF LEGAL TEXTS PUBLISHED IN THE COMPLETE SET OF LAWS OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE). The article describes the legislative assignment of the changes in the attitude towards the Raskolniks in the Russian Empire of the 18th century. These changes were manifested in the state interest of the Raskolniks' return to Russia, but with the preservation of a series of social and legal restrictions for them. Key words: Russian history; 18th century; the Raskolniks; public policy; legislation.Р. 79. Perevezentsev Аlexandr L. Aktyubinsk State University (Kazakhstan). HERBERT HOOVER IN CHINA: IMPRESSIONS OF AN EYEWITNESS AND A PARTICIPANT OF HISTORICAL EVENTS. A part of the biography of Herbert Hoover, the 31st US president, connected with his three-year stay in China as a mountain engineer, which also coincided in time with a big historical event - the «Boxer Rebellion», has become the object of our research. The conclusion that this very period made a decisive impact on his personality and professionalism has been drawn. Key words: the biography; the US president; H. Hoover.Р. 86. Smirnova Tatiana B. Omsk State University. THE ETHNIC STRUCTURE OF SIBERIAN GERMANS. The article is devoted to the analysis of the ethnic structure of Siberian Germans. Such reasons of change of the ethnic structure, as voluntary resettlements of221German peasants, the state policy, the deportation of Germans in 1941, great-scale emigration of Germans from Russia at the end of the20th - beginning of the 21st centuries are considered.Key wоrds: Russian Germans; ethnic structure; emigration.Р. 88. Teryokhin Sergey A. Ugra State University (Khanty-Mansiysk). ARCHAEOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION OF BRONZE INDUSTRY AND PRACTICE OF EXPERIMENTAL RECONSTRUCTION (GENERAL REMARKS). The article deals with the basic stages of development of nonferrous metalworking at the beginning of the Iron Age in the forest zone of Western Siberia based on the materials of the Kulaj culture. The reconstruction of the technological processes, based on the experimental researches, has a special importance when studying problems of nonferrous metalworking. It helps to construct the model of bronze industry - one of the major economic development indices of ancient societies. Key wоrds: the Kulaj culture; nonferrous metalworking; experimental researches.P. 90. Shepel Mikhail O. Tomsk State University. THE IMAGES OF THE PAST FROM THE PAGES OF LONDON «HISTORICAL COLLECTION OF FREE RUSSIAN PRINTING-HOUSE». The article is devoted to the analysis of the images of the past represented on the pages of London «Historical collection of free Russian printing-house». The possibility of image using as a method of knowledge in historical research is considered on the materials of «Historical collections». The importance of «Historical collections» for the development of historical thought in Russia for the second half of the 19th century is estimated. Key words: historical thought; Russia; free Russian printing-house.LAWР. 93. Veklenko Sergey V., Karpov Kirill N. Omsk Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs. SYSTEMATISATION OF OTHER MEASURES OF PENAL INFLUENCE AS MEANS OF INCREASE OF EFFICIENCY OF THE CRIMINAL LAW. In the article the authors consider questions of legal regulation of measures of penal influence in the domestic criminal legislation, which are not punishment. The authors make a conclusion, that in the Russian Criminal law, alongside with the institute of punishment, there is an institute of «security measures». The authors suggest to systematise the given institute within an independent section of the Criminal code with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of crime prevention. Key words: criminal law; influence; the criminal law.Р. 97. Kiselyov Igor А. Ministry of Finance of Omsk region. ТHE INFLUENCE OF FEDERAL AUTHORITY SOLUTIONS ON THE REGIONAL BUDGET EXPENDITURE. At present the practice of state authority delegation from federal authority to the regional budget without the required financial security is widespread. In this situation it is regarded as necessary to implement the system of law and operational measures that allow the implementation of the resigned commission. Key words: delegation of state authority; regional budget.Р. 100. Nechayeva Zhanna V. Siberian University of Consumer Cooperation (Novosibirsk). EFFICIENCY OF RUSSIAN CONSTITUTIONAL COURT DECISIONS: A PROBLEM SITUATION. The article is devoted to the problems of execution of Russian Constitutional Court decisions. The author proves the importance of these problems, researches the criteria of efficiency of executions of Constitutional Court decisions. The importance of constitutional-law technology is proved in the article. Key words: the constitutional court; a problem.Р. 104. Ostanin Alexey V. Omsk F.M. Dostoevsky State University. SECULAR STATE AND DEMOCRACY. The article is about the problems in the theory and practice of state secular model. The author of the article presents a classification of a secular state with different versions of its development and analyses the interaction of secular state with democracy. Key words: secular state; democracy.Р. 108. Safronov Dmitriy M., Safronov Mikhail M. Omsk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Omsk F.M. Dostoevsky State University. SPECIAL ORDER OF MANUFACTURE CONCERNING PARTICULAR CATEGORIES OF PERSONS IN THE CONTEXT OF EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW AND THE COURT. This article is devoted to the features of manufacture of criminal cases concerning particular categories of persons in the context of the constitutional principle of the human rights equality. The authors analyse modern selective and criminal procedure legislation and offer ways of its further perfection. Key words: equality; law; court.Р. 112. Frolov Aleksey I. Tomsk State University. EMERGENCY SITUATION AND FORCE MAJEURE: THE PARITY OF THE CONCEPTS. Theoretical and practical problems of force majeure in civil law of the Russian Federation are considered. The parity of the concept «force majeure» and «emergency situation» is carried out. The necessity of the definition of the concept «force majeure» through the concept «emergency situation» is justified. Key words: еmergency situation; force majeure; natural disaster; social conflicts and civil commotion.ECONOMICSР. 114. Gorlovskaya Irina G. Omsk F.M. Dostoevsky State University. BASIC MODELS OF ORGANISATION OF STOCK MARKETS RECORDING SYSTEM AS A FOUNDATION OF PROFESSIONAL PARTICIPANTS SERVICE. There are two basic models of organisation of stock markets recording system in the foundation of professional participants service. Basic model № 2 supplies the largest list of services for stockowners and lowers their transaction costs and risks. This article reviews the usage of these basic models in the Russian Federation. Key words: stock market; stock markets recording system; depositary; recorder.222Р. 119. Deshkovskaya Nelly S. Tomsk State University. INSTITUTIONAL INNOVATIONS IN THE CO-OPERATIVE SECTOR OF AGROBUSINESS OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES: DEMUTUALISATION AND HYBRIDS. The article provides a critical analysis of the literature that reveals the essence and the reasons of the process of conversion of co-operative forms of agrobusiness. The forms cooperative demutualisation in various countries are investigated, the general tendencies and contradictions, the external and internal factors causing this process are defined. Key words: agricultural co-operatives; demutualisation; organisational structures; the property rights.Р. 125. Ishchuk Tatiana L. Tomsk State University. DEVELOPING METHODS OF STRATEGIC PLANNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION. The article reviews the existing school strategic planning on the basis of which the author develops methods of strategic planning in higher education. Key words: higher education; strategic planning.Р. 130. Kazakov Vladimir V. Tomsk State University. THE ECONOMIC BASIS OF THE REGIONAL SYSTEMS' MANAGEMENT. Resources being at the disposal of a society (natural, labor, financial and others) must form the economic basis for its effective social and economic development. Such development requires a capable management of the natural and economic potential of the country and a proper, economically and socially justified differentiation of property according to the levels of state administration. Key words: economic basis; regional system; provision of resources; differentation of functions; resource.Р. 135. Kamalov Alexandr M. Academy of Finance at Russian Federation Government, Moskow. VENTURE FINANCING OF NANOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: CONDITION, PROBLEMS, PROSPECTS. The article deals with the aspects of venture financings of nanotechnology industry, describes the current condition in the sector of high-tech companies, the barriers reducing the rates of innovative development in the regions of the Russian Federation, and also possible prospects of development with the government support in current economic conjuncture. Key words: innovative development; nanotechnology; infrastructure; innovations generation; Public Company «Rosnanotekh».Р. 139. Petinenko Irina A. Tomsk State University. THE INNOVATORY DEVELOPMENT OF RUSSIAN ECONOMY AND PRICING: PROBLEMS, PERSPECTIVES. The author regards the innovatory development in the condition of modern economy. The innovations change the pricing. The author analyses the structure of the total cost that connects with innovations directly. Key words: innovations; pricing; structure of the cost.Р. 142. Schadilov Gavriil А. Tomsk state university. THE MECHANISM OF REALIZATION OF MULTILEVEL SYSTEM OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AS A CONDITION OF FORMATION OF SOCIALLY ORIENTED ECONOMY OF RUSSIA.The mechanism of realization of multilevel system of social responsibility as a condition of formation of socially oriented economy of Russia is considered. The given mechanism allows looking at the decision of the social and economic problems existing in our society in a new point of view. The mechanism of realization of multilevel system of social responsibility urged naturally to add the existing system of state regulation of national economy. Key words: the mechanism of realization of multilevel system of social responsibility; economy state regulation; social justice.PSYCHOLOGY AND PEDAGOGICSР. 146. Klochko Vitaily Ye., Galazhinskiy Eduard V. Tomsk State University. INNOVATIVE POTENTIAL OF A PERSONALITY: SYSTEM ANTHROPOLOGICAL CONTEXT. Conceptual grounds of the system anthropological psychology, that allow to represent the innovative potential of a personality in the context of understanding the mechanisms of self-development of a person as an open self-organizing system, are discussed in the article. Key words: innovative potential of a personality; innovative behaviour; system anthropological psychology.Р. 152. Lukyanov Oleg V. Tomsk State University. IDENTITY FORMATION FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE THEORY OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SYSTEMS. The article is devoted to the problem of identity formation from the point of view of the theory of psychological systems. It is suggested to understand self-identity not only as a psychological product or means, but also as a condition of the realisation of psychological practices. The structure of identity formation practices as practices of belief is presented. Key words: identity formation; intuition; practices of belief; theory of psychological systems.Р. 157. Nezdemkovskaya Galina V. Institute of Family and Upbringing (Moscow). ТHE ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF ETHNOPEDAGOGICS. Тhe article contains historical and pedagogical analysis of the origin and development of ethnopedagogics from ancient times till present days, discloses the contribution of such prominent researchers and scientists as Confucius, Ya.A. Komensky, K.D. Ushinsky, G.N. Volkov to its development, the article gives a brief summary of modern ethnopedagogical concepts. The article is addressed to scientists, post-graduate students, teachers of social studies of pedagogical institutes and colleges. Key words: ethnopedagogics; folk pedagogics; traditional folk upbringing; folk culture.Р. 164. Pisarev Oleg M. Tomsk Branch of Kuzbass Institute of Federal Service of Punishment Execution. РECULIARITIES OF CRIMINAL INCLINATIONS OF FIRST TIME AND REPEATED CONVICTS IN THE CONDITIONS OF PENAL STRESS.In the context of the problem of studying the variety of phenomena of prisoners' life, their interaction defined by complexity in a specific social and cultural environment, the results of an empirical research of peculiarities of criminal inclinations of first time and repeated convicts in the conditions of penal stress are presented. Key words: criminal inclination; criminalisation of a person; penal stress; penal environment; social isolation.223BIOLOGYР. 167. Zverev Andrey A., Babeshina Larisa G. Tomsk State University, Siberian State Medical University (Tomsk). THE ESTIMATE OF THE CONDITIONS OF HABITATS OF SPHAGNUM MOSSES IN WEST SIBERIAN PLAIN BY THE KEY ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: OBJECTS, DATA AND METHODICAL BASES. The first of the series of articles contains a brief introduction into the problem of the use of ecological scales for phytoindication of environmental conditions. The advantages of the use of the amplitudes of tolerance and abundance of taxa for calculating synecological statuses are proved, as well as the benefits of taking into account the marker of incompleteness of the indicator data. The taxonomic structure and patterns of distribution of 32 sphagnum species in Western Siberia are analysed. The characteristic of a file of 1839 geobotanical descriptions used for calculating the regional statuses of sphagnum mosses on humidity and nutrient scales is provided. Key words: рhytoindication; indicator scales; sphagnum mosses; Western Siberia; IBIS information system.Р. 174. Kalyuzhin Vladimir A. Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics of Tomsk State University. PURIFICATION OF SOIL AND WATER FROM ORGANIC ADDITIVES TO DRILLING FLUIDS WITH THE HELP OF ABORIGINE CULTURE OF MICROORGANISMS. The article describes a method of purifying water and soil contaminated by different organic additives to drilling fluids that consists in applying mineral fertilizers and biologicals on the basis of germ cultures which can decompose the main types of additives used in the world drilling practice. Key words: ecology; microorganisms; drilling fluid; purification.Р. 176. Kravtsov Yuri V. Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University. CHANGES IN THE HUMIDITY MODE OF ISHIMSKY STEPPE HIGHER SOILS AT THE RISE OF SUBSOIL WATERS. The prevalence of microholes has caused minor changes in clay loam soil and its humidity mode and water content, caused by the rise of subsoil waters (from the depth of 4-5 m to 2,5-4,0 m). The humidity of subsoil layers has grown from 28-30 per cent to 30-32 percent of volume. Stocks of the active water in the root zone have increased by 10-15 mm. Key words: humidity mode; subsoil waters level; clay loam soil.Р. 182. Ochur Kseniya O., Dergachyova Mariya I. Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, SB RAS (Novcosibirsk). HOLOCENE PEDOGENIC INDICATORS IN THE DEPOSITS OF THE SHANCHY SITE (CENTRAL TUVA). Pedogenic features in the deposits of the Shanchy site were investigated, pedogenesis zones were distinguished and their forming conditions were reconstructed. It was shown that humus horizon forming conditions about 8.5 thousand years ago were warm and moderately humid. Then it became colder and more humid which, as humus horizon at the depth 81-88 cm indicates, changed to warmer and less humid conditions again. The next pedogenesis period was characterized by gradual changing from the conditions analogous to the forest-steppe ones to the moderately dry steppe conditions. Generally, pedogenic features in warm periods when active humus accumulation occurred correspond to those of steppe conditions with a different combination of temperatures and humidity degree and in relative cool periods when the deposits dividing these warm periods were formed correspond to the pedogenic features of forest conditions with different humidity degree as well. Key words: pedogenesis; paleosoils; forming conditions; Holocene.Р. 185. Sobchak Raisa O. Gorno-Altaisk State University. THE DIAGNOSTICS OF THE STATE OF CONIFEROUS SPECIES IN THE ZONES OF INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION IN THE ALTAI REPUBLIC. The author of this paper has conducted the diagnostics of coniferous species in urban areas and places in the Altai Republic, where parts of launch vehicles from Baikonur cosmodrome fall. The work presents the information on morphological and anatomical changes of coniferous needles, as well as the contents of plastid pigments and their ratio. For the bioindication of air pollutants the method of registration of chlorophyll slow fluorescence has been used. Key words: Pinus sylvestris; Pinus sibirica; Picea obovata; Abies sibirica; Larix sibirica; the Altai Republic; industrial pollution; anatomy; morphology; fluorescence of chlorophyll.SCIENCES ABOUT EARTHР. 191. Barashkova Nadezhda K., Kuzhevskaya Irina V., Nosyreva Olga V. Tomsk State University. THE TRANSITION OF GROUND-AIR TEMPERATURE THROUGH 0 AND 5°С POINTS IN THE SOUTH OF WESTERN SIBERIA: THE REGIME, THE STATISTICS CHARACTERISTICS AND CONCOMITANT CIRCULATING CONDITIONS. The results of the transition type classification of ground-air temperature through 0 and 5°С points during the spring period according to the circulation conditions and using objective methods of classification are presented. The defined 9 classes are characterised by various combinations of values (norm, anomalies and extreme anomalies) of transition dates and their duration periods. Key words: Western Siberia; dates of transition; the classes.Р. 196. Vrublevskiy Vasiliy V., Gertner Igor F., Krupchatnikov Vasiliy I., Izokh Andrey E., Yudin Denis S. Tomsk State University, Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, SB RAS (Novosibirsk). THE EDEL'VEIS ALKALINE INTRUSIVE COMPLEX, GORNY ALTAI: A PLUME-RELATED DERIVATIVE OF THE EARLY PALEOZOIC MAGMATISM IN CENTRAL ASIA. The 40Ar/39Ar isotope age (506,8±3,5 MA) was determined for alkaline rocks of the Edel'veis carbonatite-bearing Complex in Gorny Altai. Its formation is related to the origin of a large igneous province during the Caledonian epoch of the Central Asian folded belt evolution. This alkaline intrusion is regarded as a result of the activity of mantle super-plume that initiated different magmatism of Central Asia in the Early and Middle Palaeozoic. Key words: alkaline magmatism; geochronology; mantle plume; large igneous province.Р. 200. Yekhanin Alexandr G., Smagin Anatoliy N., Parnachyov Valeriy P., Butorin Leonid I. Territorial Agency of Deposits Use (Krasnoyarsk), «Krasnoyarskgeologiya» Public Corporation, Tomsk State University, «Ugolny» Section (Kansk). TO THE ORE-BEARING ESTIMATE OF THE SAYAN-YENISEI FRACTURE ZONE. The ore-bearing estimate of the Sayan-Yenisei fracture zone, delimiting horst-graben blocks and thrust plates of the Eastern Sayan and Yenisei ridge, is given in the article. The potential of this zone when exploring iron, titanium, vanadium, gold, platinum, uranium and other deposits is given grounds. Key words: fractures; minerageny; Eastern Sayan; Enisey ridge.224Р. 203. Nebera Tatiana S., Boroznovskaya Nina N. Tomsk State University. TYPOMORPHIC SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STRUCTURAL AND CHEMICAL PECULIARITIES OF THE POTASSIC FELDSPARS OF NOVOSIBIRSK OB RIVERSIDE GRANITOIDS. Typomorphic characteristics of minerals could be used as criteria of formation conditions and for evaluation of ore content of magmatic systems. Potassic feldspars of Novosibirsk granitoids have been analysed by methods of powder diffractometry and microprobe analysis first. The obtained data permit to amplify and specify the characteristics of formation conditions for granitoid magmatism of Kolyvan-Tomsk folded region. Key words: potassic feldspars; diffractometry; triclinic and monoclinic order.Р. 211. Chikinova Marina S. Siberian University of Railway Transport (Novosibirsk). INFRASTRUCTURE POTENTIAL EVALUATION OF WESTERN SIBERIA SOUTHERN TERRITORIES. The article deals with the evaluation of infrastructure potential of the southern territory of Western Siberia by means of cluster analysis. As the result of the evaluation the ranking of six regions of the South of Western Siberia is carried out according to the level of infrastructure potential. Key words: infrastructure potential; cluster analysis; factor analysis; recourses multifactor model.MEDICINEP. 213. Sviridova Irina A. Kemerovo State University. MEDICAL-SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF THE LIFE QUALITY INCREASING OF THE STUDENT YOUTH (BY EXAMPLE OF KEMEROVO REGION HIGHER SCHOOLS STUDENTS).The article is devoted to the social policy realisation in the field of health protection and strengthening of Kemerovo region higher schools students. The assessment criteria of the medical, social, economic effectiveness of the present medical-social programmes are determined. The characteristics of the results of introduction of models of the primary medical-social and special assistance to the students are given. Key words: students, life quality; medical-social determinants; health.

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