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SUMMARIES OF THE ARTICLES IN ENGLISH.pdf PHILOLOGYР. 7. Anosova Kseniya M. Kemerovo State University. ON EXPERIMENTAL MODELLING OF THE CREATION AND FUNCTION STAGES OF THE DERIVATIVE. The article deals with a short description of an experimental investigation that consisted in modelling the nominative derivation acts and derivatives operation. Rational strategies of derivation and derivative identification were found. Key words: psycholinguistic experiment; nomination; derivative; motivation.Р. 11. Karabykov Anton V. Omsk Law Institute. THE PROBLEM OF LANGUAGE FUNCTIONING IN ITS RELATION TO THE DYNAMICS OF THE SPEECH GENRES SYSTEM. The aim of this article is to substantiate theoretically the fact that the speech genres system is determined by the mode of language use in a culture. The author proves that the only function of language is the communicative one. It is carried out in a complex of its particular realisations that form the named mode. They are concrete purposes (intentions, illocutions) of communication. Their hierarchy determines the outline of the speech genres system peculiar to a culture. Key words: сommunication; language function; illocution; speech genre.Р. 19. Krouchinkina Nina D. Mordvin State University. SEMANTIC AGREEMENT OF THE PROPOSITIONAL SYNTAGMAS CONSTITUENTS. The article treats semantic agreement within the substantial frame of events. This is framed ontologically by the character of the formation of the events reflected in propositional syntagmas, the latter being syntagmatically reflected in the language as propositional syntagmas. The article, based on the above-mentioned methodology, presents the theoretical aspect of the problem, as well as a practical realisation of semantic agreement in propositional syntagmas. Key words: semantic agreement; propositional syntagma; semantic attribute.Р. 27. Skornyakova Raissa M. Kemerovo State University. LINGUISTIC-CULTUROGICAL WORLDVIEW MODELLING FROM THE MODELLING SUBJECT VIEWPOINT. The article is devoted to an urgent issue of the linguistic culturology - linguistic worldview modelling. The main concepts of the linguistic-culturological modelling from the modelling subject-analyst viewpoint are proved (integrity, interpretivity, representation). Key words: linguistic culturology; linguistic worldview; modelling.Р. 31. Sokolova Svetlana К. Kemerovo State University. THE STRUCTURAL DETERMINANT OF POLYMOTIVATION OF THE PLANT NAME DERIVATIVE. The intensity of use of polymotivation, which cognitive theories define as a strategy of speech activity of the native speaker, depends on structural properties of the derivative, in particular, on the features of morpheme-word-formation structure of the derivative and the degrees of its segmentation. The agglutinative mode of morphemes joining and a high degree of segmentation promote the use of polymotivation as the basic identification strategy, while fusion tendencies and, accordingly, a low degree of segmentation, on the contrary, interfere with it: in order to attract conformable elements and to intensify them it is necessary to understand the segmentation character of structures of a derivative word. Key words: cognitive theory of polymotivation; structural determinant.Р. 34. Emer Yuliya A. Tomsk State University. FRAME STRUCTURE OF THE CONCEPT «LANGUAGE» IN THE CHASTOOSHKA. The article considers the peculiarities of the verbal realisation of concept «language» in the chastooshka. The research was carried out on the material of folklore chastooshka texts collected during the folklore expeditions in Tomsk region organised by the Philological Faculty of Tomsk State University in 1960-1990s, in 2003 and 2008 (the author being a member of the group). The tool for describing the present concept is a frame, a structure of data for stereotype situation representation. Depending on communicative, discourse and genre demands the concept, being a cognitive structure that creates a complete knowledge of extra linguistic phenomena significant for culture/ subculture or an individual, displays its different aspects, emphasising its certain constituents. The folklore concept «language», a particular element of the all-cultural concept, is realised in the system of folklore genres. In the cognitive aspect the genre is a cognitive-communicative model including a peculiar subject matter, a way of its description and peculiarities of discourse realisation. In the chastooshka such frames as «offer», «complaint» etc. represent the concept «language» either integrally or fragmentarily in the text. As a rule, the attention focuses on the slot «speech act» of the s/he-character or «speech reaction» of the s/he-character to the actions of their beloved, their parents, the society. In chastooshkas about love frames that signify speech realisations of the relations between lovers, the girl and her family, the girl and the sweetheart's family, the girl and the society represent the concept «language». The actualisation of the possible speech situations to some extent is a pattern of the speech genres that regulate these relations. The concept «language» is closely correlated with the concepts «love», «family» and «society». The concept «language» performs an «auxiliary» function in the chastooshka. Being a constituent of the concepts «love» and «family», it displays the speech behaviour patterns characteristic of situations; it is one of the elements that form the axiological world image as the person's speech behaviour expresses the value sets of the person and the society.The description of the concept allows showing the aesthetic and the pragmatic folklore sets: providing patterns of communicative behaviour and speech genres, describing genre peculiarities of the conceptual system structure, determining the cognitive sets of the folklore consciousness. Key words: concept; frame; genre; folklore.PHILOSOPHY, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCESР. 40. Ivanova Yevgeniya M. Tomsk Polytechnic University. POLYLOGUE AS A TYPE OF DIALOGUE IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY: THE INTERVAL APPROACH. The innovative type of dialogue, polylogue that fosters socio-cultural world interaction,253is considered. Polylogue furthers the heuristic solving of the problem of social relations building in contemporary society. Polylogue in the information and communicative space is becoming a more demanding type of dialogue that is able to implement new communication strategy of the person with others in the constantly changing world. Key words: dialogue; polylogue; communication; interval approach; social reality.Р. 42. Kovalev Maxim P. Tomsk State Pedagogical University. REPATRIATION AS A TYPE OF MIGRATION. In the article main theories of migration, specific features of repatriation among other types of migration are considered. Works by Russian and Polish scholars are used. Key words: migration; repatriation; reasons for migration; social networks.Р. 45. Kondrashina Mariya N. Tomsk State University. PUBLIC POLICY AS A FIELD: ON METHODOLOGY OF RESEARCH. In the article the problems of methodology of research of a public policy are considered, the use of the complex approach is proved. The author offers to use the concept of public sphere and P. Bourdieu's theory of the field for the analysis of the space of a public policy. Key words: рublic policy; public sphere; agent; field.Р. 49. Nicolina Olga I. Omsk State Pedagogical University. INDIVIDUALITY DYNAMICS: FROM THE AESTHETIC TO THE RATIONAL STAGES OF CULTURE (BY EXAMPLE OF ROMANTICISM CULTURE). The dynamics of individuality is investigated in the development of culture. Its analysis is achieved on the material of literature of Russian romanticism. The primary phenomena of existence come out as the basis of the methodology of the study: love and death. In the epoch of romanticism the synthesis of these phenomena generates a culture that forms a new type of individuality. Key words: the stage of culture; individuality; romanticism; primary phenomena.Р. 55. Skornyakov Ivan A. Kemerovo State University. THE EVOLUTION OF LEGISLATION IN THE SPHERE OFREPATRIATION, IMMIGRATION AND INTEGRATION PROCESSES REGULATION IN FRG. The article presents the analysisof the normative legal acts regulating repatriation, immigration and integration processes in modern Germany. The identification of themechanisms and basic characteristics of the legal regulations controlling different immigration categories makes it possible to analyse thetendencies of intensification and weakening of the immigration flow to Germany, the provision of certain privileges to certain categories ofimmigrants.Key words: legislation; legal regulation; repatriation; immigration; integration processes.Р. 59. Stakhovskaya Yuliya M. Tomsk State University. THEORETICAL PRINCIPLES OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DESIGN. The problem of knowledge management system formation is discussed in the article and the main tasks and functions of knowledge management as a new type of management practice are considered. The use of knowledge system in the process of transition to the learning type of organisation is based. As a basis for the knowledge management modelling the theory of communicative action by J. Habermas and his idea of knowledge-constitutive interests are considered. Key wоrds: knowledge society; learning organization; knowledge management; communication.CULTUROLOGYР. 62. Petrov Yuriy V. Tomsk State University. SEMIOTIC RENAISSANCE AND ITS SOURCES IN MODERN PHILOSOPHY OF POSTMODERNISM. This paper deals with the reasons of the semiotic problems actualisation from the middle of the 20th century and with the essence of postmodernism philosophy. The fundamental difference of the semiotic approach consists in the following: the investigation of the object is replaced by the investigation of the words; with their help this object finds its expression. Instead of the question about the reality of cognition one can find the question about the language, about the ratio of the «meaning» to the «meant». The reality is limited by «speaking»; hence ontology is considered as the language and discourse result («speaking about speaking»). Key wоrds: language; sign; symbol; semiotics; meaning; meant; representation.Р. 69. Тikhonova Yevgeniya P. Tomsk State University. DIALOGUE AS A UNIVERSAL WAY OF CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT AND A FORM OF AN INDIVIDUAL'S COMPREHENSION. This paper concentrates on dialogue. This dialogue is determined as a meeting of historical epochs, cultures and consciousnesses. The world of dialogue appears as a space of senses where the search of one's own personality is realised as well as the choice of freedom and responsibility. Key wоrds: dialogue; sense; text in culture.HISTORYР. 74. Veremchuk Lyudmila P. East Kazakhstan State University (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan). ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE ON THE PARLIAMENTARY OPPOSITION TO THE ABSOLUTE POWER IN FRANCE AFTER THE DECADES OF THE OLD ORDER. The article gives the analysis of the parliamentary opposition to the absolute power in France after the decades of the old order, created by a well-known historian of the first half of the 19th century, Alexis de Tocqueville The content of the concept exposes the aspects of the complicated political struggle in the country on the eve of the Great French revolution and also helps to reveal its prerequisites and great social significance. Key wоrds: Alexis de Tocqueville; Great French revolution; parliamentary opposition.Р. 77. Kosenkov Yevgeniy I. Institute of World Economics and International Relations RAS. STANITSA OF THE DON COSSACK ARMY. Stanitsa was the prime administrative division of the Don Cossack Army. Its military aim was to mobilise Cossacks for field service. The civilian purpose consisted in maintaining law and order, supporting the poor and the disabled, carrying out different social254and economic obligations concerning the Army and a particular stanitsa. The assembly of all stanitsa citizens decided on land and economic matters. Don Cossack laws served as a model for all other Cossacks of Russia. Key wоrds: stanitsa; Cossacks; Don Cossack Army.Р. 83. Novikov Igor A. Tomsk State University. «ARTEL»: THE ETYMOLOGY OF THE WORD AND THE TERM IN RUSSIAN PRE-REVOLUTION LEGISLATION. The article is devoted to the analysis of the term «artel» in Russian written law in the 19th -beginning of the 20th century. The author tries to consider the origin of the word «artel» and to characterise the evolution of the understanding of the «artel» in Russian pre-revolution legislation. Key words: artel; etymology; Russian legislation; labour organization; term.Р. 86. Stolyarova Yelena S. Tomsk State University. CHINA'S FOREIGN ECONOMIC STRATEGY AND MIGRATION POLICY. The article is devoted to China's Global Economic Strategy and its impact upon Chinese companies' overseas investments, export of labour force and the nature and level of Chinese emigration. Key wоrds: China; economic strategy; migration policy.Р. 90. Shevelev Dmitry N. Tomsk State University. A SIBERIAN CITY UNDER THE POWER OF ANTIBOLSHEVIST GOVERNMENTS: EVERYDAY LIFE AND POLITICAL PROPAGANDA. The article focuses on the interrelation of everyday life of a Siberian city and the antibolshevist governments political propaganda organisation during the Civil war. The reasons of the weak efficiency of the Whites' informative machinery in Siberia are investigated.Key words: Civil war; the White movement; everyday life; Osvedverh (the Informative department of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief staff); Russian press bureau.Р. 95. Shirokov Anatoliy I. Northeastern State University (Magadan). GOLD-MINING COMPLEX OF DALSTROY IN 1930S. The paper covers the analysis of formation and development of the gold-mining sector in Kolyma in 1930s. It makes the interpretation of the problems of industrial development in the northeast of Russia in the 20th century and its role in the support of Stalin modernisation in the USSR more concrete. Key words: Kolyma; Dalstroy; gold-mining industry.LAWР. 100. Antonov Timophey G. Tomsk State University. JURIDICAL NATURE OF NON-CRIMINAL CRIMINAL LAW BREAKING BEHAVIOUR AND ITS CONSEQUENCES. The article is devoted to the criminal law norms analysis of punishment evasion without isolation and transgression during the probation period. On the basis of criminal legislation and the criminal law theory the author determines the juridical nature of convicts' behaviour and its juridical consequences. Key words: punishment evasion; probation; responsibility; juridical consequences.Р. 104. Voronin Oleg V. Tomsk State University. THE PROSECUTOR'S LAW PROVIDING ACTIVITY IN SENTENCING CASES HEARINGS. The prosecutor pursues the law providing activity in sentencing cases hearings. Here s/he acts as a judge assistant providing legal and reasoned sentencing. Along with the court the prosecutor operates more as a legal perception agent than the evidence proving one. Key words: sentence execution stages; sentencing cases hearing procedures; cooperating in a legal perception; an adversarial approach.Р. 108. Dik Dmitriy G. South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk). RETURN OF A CRIMINAL CASE TO THE PUBLIC PROSECUTOR ON THE BASIS STIPULATED BY ITEM 3 PART 1 CLAUSE 237 OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE LAW OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. The opportunity of retrieval of the criminal case, which has acted with the decision about applying forced measures of medical character, to the public prosecutor at the stage of the preparation of a case to the judicial session in the form of preliminary hearing is discussed. The author concludes that an opportunity of returning the criminal case to the public prosecutor exists in case the judge established that mental frustration of the person is not an obstacle to sentence imposition and its execution, to the exclusion of the expert conclusion due to its inadmissibility. Key words: retrieval of the criminal case to the public prosecutor; preliminary hearing; conclusion of expert-psychiatrist.Р. 110. Krivoshein Ivan T. Tomsk State University. THE SCIENCE-FORMING ROLE OF ESSENTIAL SCIENTIFIC AND COGNITIVE IDEOLOGY IN CRIMINALISTICS. The science-forming role of essential scientific and cognitive ideology, its system-forming ideas that set basic parameters for the conceptualisation of scientific and criminalistics knowledge are being analysed in the article. Key words: сriminalistics; scientific and cognitive ideas; essential ideology; subject cognitive area.Р. 114. Lon Sergey L. Tomsk State University. SENSE OF JUSTICE IN LEGAL REGULATION OF THE RELATIONS ARISING IN THE CRIMINAL TRIAL SPHERE. The issues of sense of justice in a narrowly professional sphere of relations - the criminal trail - are under consideration in the present article, the way it is revealed and formed. The sense of justice is researched and the aspects most complicated for cognition of these categories in legal regulation of the procedural criminal relations and the criminal trail are emphasised. Key words: system of legal regulation; sense of justice; criminal trial.Р. 118. Martynyakhin Leonid F. Altai Academy of Economics and Law (Barnaul). LEGAL CRIMINAL PROCEDURAL FUNCTIONS, THEIR OBJECT AND EXTENT OF REALISATION. Legal criminal procedural functions, their differences in object, extent and subjects have been analysed in the present article. Functional independence of judicial review and judicial security of rights and liberties in the pleading (pre-trial stage) of the criminal litigation has also been based. The function of the criminal case disposition includes jurisdiction, use of the medical and educational enforcement measures, dismissal of action. Key words: criminal trial; functions of criminal trial.255Р. 122. Pavlenko Аndrey A. Tomsk Branch of the Kuzbass Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service (Tomsk). THE PECULIARITIES OF MEDICAL SECRET PRESERVATION WITH RESPECT TO THE CONVICTS AT CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES. The article deals with the problems of medical secret preservation at correctional facilities. Standard legal acts regulating relations in this field are analysed, the variants of providing these peculiarities of medical secret preservation with respect to the convicts by legislation are suggested. Key words: medical secret; medical staff; the convicts; correctional facilities.Р. 126. Smakhtin Evgeniy V. Tumen State University. SOME ASPECTS OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENTIFIC VIEWS TO THE CRIMINALISTICS NATURE. The article is devoted to the genesis of the scientific views to the criminalistic nature. The authors attitude to the juristical essence of criminalistics, to the correlation etween criminal law, criminal proseege and criminalistics is substantiated. Key words: juristical essence of criminalistics; criminal law; riminal proseege.ECONOMICSР. 129. Baranova Inna V. CONCEPTUAL ASSESSMENTS MODELS OF AUTHORITIES EFFICIENCY. In the study the assessment models of authorities efficiency and the functional models demonstrating interaction of the parties in the assessment process are considered. Analysing efficiency of Novosibirsk region authorities the author applies the summation method to calculate the integral index of comparative complex assessment. Key words: authorities efficiency; model; assessment.Р. 135. Grinkevich Larissa S., Sharf Irina V. Tomsk State University, Tomsk State Pedagogical University. EFFECTIVE SYSTEM OF TAXATION IN SUBSOIL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: FORMATION CRITERIA AND ESTIMATION PARAMETERS. The existing taxation system of subsurface resources users has the following vital imperfections:- fiscal taxation predomination;- irregularity in rent comings distribution over the budget levels of the Russian Federation;- absence of distinct strategy of rent comings use;- accounting and technical difficulty of privileges use by oil-production enterprises, first of all, MET, as provided for in the legislation;- undeveloped system of tax formation bases under MET depending on geological-geographical characteristics and worked-out deposits;- absence of reproduction taxation aspect in subsoil resources management;- low competition in oil industry due to the tendency of socialisation of oil and gas sector;- absence of tax mechanisms encouraging business development in the long-run perspective.Thus, the existing taxation system does not encourage rational and effective subsurface resources use. It is necessary to develop theoretical justification and to form new effective taxation system for mining operations.The authors offer the following criteria for building an effective taxation system for mining operations:1..Coordination of competing demands of mining operation subjects based on the principles of justice, ecological imperative, ecological and economic safety of state paying attention to the interests of native minorities and future generations.2..Distinctiveness and methodical simplicity of taxation and accounting-production possibility of use.3..Differentiation of taxation depending on natural resources types, their reproduction peculiarities, strategic importance, and geological-geographic characteristics of a deposit.4..Direction to provide wide reproduction of natural resources.5.Combination of economic, social and ecological effectiveness in mining operation with the priority of ecology.6..Encouragement of improvement of ecological-economic effective natural resources use, and their complex, eco-friendly and maximum wasteless extraction.7..Provision of innovative-investing incentives and possibilities for subsoil resources users.8.Compliance with the strategic goals of the state development aimed at the socially oriented civil society formation.Thus, the effective taxation system in mining operation is a taxation system organisation providing fair combination of competingdemands of all subsoil resources users, basing on ecological and social principles of taxation system under an optimal tax duty depending on natural-geographic and other peculiarities of deposits. The taxation system should encourage rational and effective mining operation aimed at the realisation of strategic goals of society development. Key words: effective taxation; oil-production enterprises; criteria; estimation parameters.Р. 140. Guzenko Anna V., Mamaev Enver A. Rostov State Economic University. OPTIMIZATION OF LOGISTIC COSTS OF THE CITY PASSENGERS TRANSPORT SYSTEM. Logistic management of city passengers transport system means a certain number of the actions directed on reducing of the general costs of all system. Coordination of interests of all participants of transportation process according to the global purposes of functioning of system will allow to designate the basic directions for the further optimisation of expenses. Key words: the city passenger transport system; profitability of the enterprise; model of optimum adjustment.Р. 146. Deryabin Vladimir S. Tomsk State University. QUANTITY OF LABOUR. This article shows such categories as quantity of labour and its meaning. It is a subject of recognition of productivity strength and labour intensity. G.St. Mill, D. Ricardo and K. Marx, soviet scientists V.N. Belkin, G.H. Popov, G.N. Cherkassov studied the amount of labour. They thought that determining and providing the quantity of labour is an important scientific and practical goal. The author also tries to do it. Only modern practice can show how successful he was. Key words: quantity; labour; science; practice; means.Р. 149. Kazakov Vladimir V. Tomsk State University. ORGANIZATIONAL AND FINANCIAL ACTIVITY IN CONTRACT RELATIONS OF MANAGING ORGANIZATIONS IN THE HOUSING SECTOR. The article deals with contract relations in management of housing facilities. Emphasis is laid upon new developing mechanisms of manifestation of these relations. Key words: managing organizations in the housing sector; housing facilities.256Р. 152. Kasacheva Oksana V. Tomsk State University. THE ANALYSIS OF RESULTS OF REPLACEMENT OF INSURANCE FEES IN OFF-BUDGET SOCIAL FUNDS BY THE SINGLE SOCIAL TAX. The basic causes of replacement of insurance payments by the single social tax are considered. It is established that the insurance nature of off-budget social funds payments is lost with the SST introduction; there was no simplification of calculation and paying the insurance payments. The financial mechanism transformation of means accumulation has led to the essential decrease in incomes of the state off-budget funds. Key words: social insurance; fee; tax.Р. 156. Nefyodov Vladimir A. The Russian Society of Professional Appraisers and Real Estate Managers (Moscow). PRICE FORMATION IN RESPECT OF MUTUAL PAYMENTS THE HOUSING FACILITIES SECTOR. The author considers some issues of price formation in respect of service payment to the managing organizations, defines the concept and structure of service payment. Key words: housing facilities sector; service payment; managing organizations.Р. 159. Roshchina Irina V., Roshchina Galina S. Tomsk State University. MULTILEVEL INNOVATIVE INFRASTRUCTURE OF A REGION AS A CONDITION OF AN EFFECTIVE REGIONAL POLICY. In the article some problems of formation of an innovative infrastructure of a region are considered. The basic lack of the existing innovative infrastructures that essentially lower their efficiency is ignoring the spatial approach at their creation. The account of the spatial approach will allow to remove deformations in the structure of the innovative system of a region and to raise the efficiency of its functioning. Key words: innovative system; an innovative infrastructure; multilevel innovative system.Р. 163. Salihov Valeriy A. Novokuznetsk Branch of Kemerovo State University. РROSPECTS OF VALUABLE NONFERROUS AND RARE METAL EXTRACTION FROM KEMEROVO REGION POWER PLANTS ASH DUMPS. The work considers some aspects of the problem of the anthropogenic deposits processing, related to the extraction of valuable metal from coals and waste of coal produce in Kuzbass. As a standard of economic practicability valuation of coals extraction, it is offered to use the International UN classification of stocks/resources, according to which the reserves of some valuable rare metals in coal ashes can be estimated as potentially economic. The instability of Kemerovo region economy development, the unstable character of the work of mining and metallurgical enterprises confirms the prospects of the small scientifically based production development. Key words: rare metals; scientifically based production; profitableness; profit.Р. 169. Sidoruk Anna S. Deputy Head WTO section of Trade Negotiations Department Ministry of Economic Development (Moscow).ON SOME ISSUES OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE RULES ON DOMESTIC SUPPORT OF AGRICULTURE WITHIN THE WTO. Domestic support of agriculture is one of the key elements of the system of state regulation of agrosector. But this support could seriously distort trade and production process. As a result competition could be disturbed, a number of obstacles for development of trade and production could arise, barriers for market access to countries with high level of domestic support could be created. The goal of development of rules of domestic support of agriculture was determined in the WTO Agreement on Agriculture. Thus the main task of the Doha Round negotiations is to create fair trade system to correct distortion of world market of agricultural production. Key words: domestic support of agriculture; WTO; the Doha round; amber box; blue box; green box; de minimis.Р. 171. Troitskaya Natalya L. Omsk F.M. Dostoevsky State University. SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC MODEL OF MODERN RUSSIA PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES. The article considers the problems of formation and studying the modern Russian model of public health services. The Russian model of public health services is compared with the public health services in the other countries, the results of the reform of public health services in Russia are analysed. The author also made the economic analysis of the modern condition of public health services in Russia from the point of view of categories of public sector economy. Key words: public health services; medical services; the public welfare; socially significant welfare; reform of public health services.PSYCHOLOGY AND PEDAGOGICSР. 175. Karpushina Larissa P. Mordvin State Pedagogical Institute named after M.E. Evsevyev. ETHNOMUSICAL THINKING OF AN INDIVIDUAL AS A PROBLEM. The article deals with the essential characteristics of ethnomusical thinking of an individual. The process of its formation in the course of folklore intoning, the peculiarities of the development of ethnomusical thinking are studied at various stages. Key words: ethnomusical thinking; folk musical art; intoning chanting dictionary; stages of development of ethnomusical thinking of an individual.Р. 181. Lyubimova Olga V. Izhevsk State Technical University. SOME WAYS TO BUILD AND DIAGNOSE THE STANDARD PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCES. The question of how to build and diagnose the professional skills in the 3rd generation of the state education standard is discussed. Key words: universal and professional competence; diagnostic skills.Р. 185. Medvedeva Larisa G., Nadezhdina Elena U. PSIHOLOGO-PEDAGOGICAL ASPECTS OF FORMATION OF PROFESSIONALLY FOCUSED THESAURUS FOR STUDENTS OF ATTENDING NON-LANGUAGE INSTITUTES. The article deals with psihologo-pedagogical aspects of formation of professionally focused thesaurus for students of attending non-language institutes. The stress is on the need to direct entire learning process towards students' proactive self-study, and to create conditions for self-regulation, self-development, as well as to improve foreign language ability based on the idea of continuous education. The article suggests reading of professionally focused texts as one of the most productive kinds of learning activity. Key words: рsihologo-pedagogical aspects; professionally focused thesaurus; continuous education; reading.257BIOLOGYР. 191. Zabelin Vladimir I. Tuva Institute for Exploration of Natural Resources SB RAS (Kyzyl). THE BIOLOGY OF WINTER FLIGHTS OF TITMICE AND THE ACCOMPANYING SPECIES OF BIRDS IN THE MOUNTAIN-TAIGA ZONE OF CENTRAL SAYAN. According to the results of the route calculations in the mountain taiga belt of Сentral Sayan the species composition of the winter tit-flights of two types has been established: the uniting around the Willow Tit (92% of flocks) and the aggregated relative to the long-tailed Tit (8% of flocks). In the first type of the flocks 93% specimens includes three types, which depended on the season or altitudinal belts: the Willow Tit (65-82%), the Nuthatch (10-13%) and the Siberian Tit (4-14%). To these joined the Coal Tit (3,2%), the Treecreeper (1,3%) and the less frequent Great Tit (0,52%), Goldcrest (0,13%), Pine Grosbeak (0,22%), Redpoll and Great Bullfinch (0,17%). The woodpeckers came along as more constant satellites gears: the Three-toed Woodpecker (0,22%), the Great Spotted Woodpecker and the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (On 0,04%). The second type of flocks practically consisted of one form - the Long-tailed Tit (on the average 9 specimens in the flock), which could be joined for some period by the Redpoll, the Great Tit, the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, the Siskin and the Coal Tit. For both the types of flocks an increase in the specific variety and the size of flock has been established, as well as an increase in the abundance and the range of species from the light-coniferous forests (on the average 10 specimens in the flock with the density 125 birds to km2) to the dark-coniferous taiga (8 and 277 respectively) with the maximum in cedar taiga (13 and 482). Some special features of nourishment, movement, interspecies competition and the enemies of winter titmouse cenosis are described. At the basis of the transformation of composition and structure of flocks during winter, in autumn and spring lay the changes in the stern conditions, which were determined by the climatic regime of summer in mountain taiga. Key words: tit-flights; specific structure; vertical-zone variability; winter.Р. 200. Kayluzhin Vladimir A. Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics of Tomsk State University. THE USE OF ABORIGINAL TYPES OF MICROORGANISMS IN COMPLEX WORKS OF CLEANING THE AREA FROM OIL POLLUTION. This work considers a complex method of area cleaning. A culture of agents that arouse the process of biodegradation of drilling additions was developed. The possibility to conduct the area cleaning with simultaneous drilling solutions pollutions was demonstrated. The routine of the preliminary mechanical processing of the area consisting of various soil types was described. An optimising solution for works on the acidulated and alkalised grounds and water reservoirs was provided. A method of introduction of microbiological culture to low sorption grounds such as sand, gravel and others was developed. Key words: biology purification; recultivation; ecology; oil extraction; microorganism.Р. 202. Kiprushina Kseniya N., Izmestyeva Lyubov R. Scientific Research Institute of Biology, Irkutsk State University. PERENNIAL AND SEASONAL DYNAMICS OF ZOOPLANKTON IN THE OPEN PART OF SOUTH BAIKAL. The work is predetermined by the analysis of the quantitative and structural dynamics of zooplankton in the South Baikal during 1997-2007. The observation of the plankton condition during a set of years allows making conclusions about the stability of the lake ecosystem, since zooplankton plays one of the key roles in this system function. Key words: Baikal; zooplankton; seasonal dynamics; perennial dynamics; structure.Р. 208. Samoilenko Zoya A., Shepeleva Lyudmila F., Shepelev Aleksandr I. Surgut State University. OB-IRTYSH INTERFLUVE VEGETATION AREA UNITS. The article contains the results of the analysis of the vegetation area structure at three index plots of the Ob-Irtysh interfluve. The analysis is based upon the method of standard ecological scales by L.G. Ramensky. The method employment along with the territory geomorphologic structure analysis enables to specify the ecochoras (ecotope territorial units) as well as the corresponding phytocoenochoras (vegetation territorial units) of various ranks. Their hierarchy and representation scales are described. Key words: vegetation area units; phytocoenochora; vegetation mapping; vegetation structure; vegetation Ob-Irtysh interfluve.Р. 214. Sobchak Raissa O., Kurovskaya Larissa V. Gorno-Altaisk State University, Tomsk State University. MORPHOFUNCTIONAL FEATURES OF SPECIES OF CONIFERS IN URBAN ENVIRONMENT. The paper contains information on how to define the mechanisms of plant adaptation in urban conditions. The author comes to a conclusion that structural and functional characteristics are among the objective signs of weakness of trees, caused by industrial emissions. The following features have been investigated: the size of needles, the thickness of the covering texture, the volume of the conductive texture, the intensity of dark respiration, the photochemical activity of chloroplasts, the fluorescence of chlorophyll. Key words: Pinus sylvestris; Picea obovata; urban areas; fluorescence; dark respiration; anatomy of fur-needles; industrial emissions.SCIENCES ABOUT EARTHР. 218. Vazhenina Olga A. Tomsk State University. PALEOGEOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS AND THE CARBONATE ACCUMULATION WITHIN THE BAZHENOVSKAYA AND ABALAKSKAYA SUITES OF THE SHIROTNOYE PRIOBIYE (WESTERN SIBERIA). The deposition of the Abalakskaya and Bazhenovskaya suites on the territory of the Shirotnoye Priobye (the latitudinal part of the Ob basin) occurred mainly in the shelf and deep-sea conditions. The Bazhenovskaya Suite high contents of organic matter depended on definite paleogeographical, hydrological and hydrodynamic attributes of the paleobasin. The carbonate distribution was characterised both along the lateral of the studied area and throughout the section to predict the location of productive intervals within the deposits of the Abalakskaya and Bazhenovskaya suites more precisely. The zone scheme and histograms constructed by the author illustrate the confinement of carbonate rock bodies to certain parts of the section. Key words: suite; carbonates; sea basin; organic matter; oil-bearing capacity.Р. 224. Guseva Natalya V., Kopylova Yuliya G. Tomsk Polytechnic University. NATURAL WATERS CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF THE YUNYAKHA AND THE YENZORYAKHA INTERFLUVE (THE EAST SLOPE OF THE POLAR URAL). The subordinate influence of natural factors on the formation of the chemical composition of waters in the area between the Yunyakha and the Yenzoryakha rivers is considered in the article. The behaviour of a wide spectrum of chemical elements in the lake and river waters and the waters of the active layer and the waters of the anthropogenically-disrupted landscape was studied. Key words: permafrost; Polar Ural; chemical composition of waters.258Р. 229. Konovalova Victoriya A. Tomsk State University. THE PROBLEM OF ESTABLISHING ASSEMBLAGES OF FRESHWATER OSTRACODAS OF THE LATE NEO-PLEISTOCENE-HOLOCENE IN THE SOUTHEAST OF WEST-SIBERIAN PLAIN. Recent data have been obtained on the ostracoda fauna and stratigraphy of the flood-plain terraces I and II of the Yaya River middle course. The ostracoda species have been recovered previously non-described in this area. A species of the Ilyocypris Genus has been established that is supposed to be new. The investigation has resulted in establishing the Late Karginskian ostracoda association that is supposed to enter the Karginskian assemblage. Key words: Western Siberia; Neo-Pleistocene; Holocene; paleoecology; ostracodas.Р. 233. Mishchenko Maria V., Bukaty Mikhail B. Tomsk Department of Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum-Gas Geology and Geophysics SB RAS. FORECAST OF TEMPERATURE CHANGES WITH THE USE OF THERMAL WATERS OF KOLPASHEVO AREA (TOMSK REGION). This work demonstrates the possibility of the thermal underground water usage for the purpose of heat and power engineering. This work gives a forecast of temperature changes due to the use of the underground water from apt-alb-senomansky, goteriv-barremsky and valanzhinskiy water-bearing complexes. Кey words: underground water; temperature; forecast.Р. 239. Sherstobitova Lyudmila V. Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building. ECOLOGICAL RENT OF THE TERRITORY LAND RESOURCES. The article defines the term of ecological rent as one of the optimisation mechanisms of interactions of the nature and society. Economy state in such situations is shown. Ecological rent of the territory land resources is studied as an example. Key words: ecological-economic relations; resources utilisation; rent.Р. 244. Yurichev Aleksey N., Chernyshov Aleksey I. Tomsk State University. FORMATION TYPIFICATION OF THE KUNGUSSKY AND THE KULIZHINSKY MAFIC-ULTRAMAFIC MASSIFS (NORTHWEST OF EASTERN SAYAN). Ultramafites and mafites are considerably distributed among the greenstone belts of the Kansky block. They are mapped in the form of numerous massifs, more often of small sizes, and they draw attention of many researchers in connection with their potential ore bearing capacity. However, their formation belonging often appears debatable and demands further studying. The purpose of the present research was the rocks of Kungussky and Kulizhinsky early-proterozoic mafic-ultramafic massifs, which are located in the southwestern part of the Kansky block (NW of Eastern Sayan). The offered petrographic and petrochemical research of the rocks allowed to consider Kungussky and Kulizhinsky massifs as peridotite-pyroxenite-gabbro formation and to establish their essential similarity. The petrochemistry of the rocks of the compared massifs has shown that during the early stage of differentiation of the initial basic fluid it may have divided into the derivatives: the ultra basic and the basic fluid. Later each of these fluids underwent its own evolution in the intermediate chambers in the course of differentiation with the formation of the directed series of rocks. The infusion of the ultra basic and basic fluids, obviously, occurred at various times at the same sites of the lithosphere. It has led to the formation of the ultramafic-mafic intrusion with a complex internal structure. Key words: layered intrusions; ultramafites; gabbros; petrography; petrochemistry; formation belonging.

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 АННОТАЦИИ СТАТЕЙ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. 2009. № 327.

АННОТАЦИИ СТАТЕЙ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ | Вестн. Том. гос. ун-та. 2009. № 327.

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